AI Agent Copilot Suite

April 29, 2024
Accelerate agent workflows with an internal-facing chatbot, AI autocomplete, and AI response suggestions.

AI Agent Copilot is now available to all Talkative customers. 

Powered by OpenAI and your knowledge base datasets, this new feature provides a suite of AI tools that'll improve the speed and quality of agent responses.

These tools are designed to optimise agent productivity by offering real-time information and assistance during live chat interactions.

It means your agents can deliver seamless and highly accurate customer service - faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Introducing Navi, your personal AI assistant

Meet Navi, the first component of your AI Agent Copilot toolkit. 

Navi is an internal-facing chatbot that works behind the scenes to provide agents with instant information and support.

Once enabled, Navi can answer agent questions using the current interaction transcript, your knowledge base content, and any general world knowledge that's available to the GPT model.

It can also suggest next actions to the agent, and summarise the web page that the customer is currently viewing.

This means your agents will have all the necessary information at their fingertips, reducing the need to search manually and enhancing the speed/quality of service. 

Navi can be enabled within your console Settings - just search for "Copilot Configs".

Boost speed & efficiency with AI Autocomplete

Speed is crucial in digital customer service, and our AI Autocomplete capability is built with this in mind.

AI Autocomplete accelerates response speed by predicting and completing agent messages. 

This not only boosts efficiency but also reduces the cognitive load on agents, allowing them to keep their focus on providing a quality customer experience.

Just like Navi, this capability can be set up within your Copilot Configs. It can also be enabled/disabled by individual agents in their User Configs. 

Empower agents with AI Response Suggestions

Our AI Response Suggestions tool transforms the way agents answer customer queries. 

Once set up, AI uses your knowledge base dataset and the conversation context to generate relevant response suggestions for each customer message.

It means your agents can respond faster to live chat queries - with highly accurate, consistent, and detailed information.

As with Navi and AI Autocomplete, AI Response Suggestions can be enabled within Copilot Configs. 

Prioritising data security & privacy

At Talkative, we’re committed to upholding the highest standards of data privacy and security. 

That’s why our AI Agent Copilot sends only the essential interaction data to OpenAI, ensuring that customers’ personal and sensitive information is protected. 

Moreover, OpenAI's privacy policy ensures that no data is stored or used after the interaction ends, adhering strictly to global data protection regulations. 

Your customers' privacy is our utmost priority, allowing you to deploy AI capabilities ethically and responsibly.

Getting started 

Want to get started with AI Agent Copilot? 

Read through our support article for full set-up and configuration instructions.

And for more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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