AI Agent Rephrase

March 19, 2024
Help live chat agents communicate better and faster with AI message rephrases.

All Talkative customers can now utilise AI Agent Rephrase during live chat interactions.

This feature uses generative AI to produce improved or revised versions of agent messages that can be added to the chat box before sending.

As a result, your agents will not only communicate faster and more effectively - they’ll also provide greater accuracy, clarity, and a better customer experience. 

Improve response times, AHT, and service quality

Powered by OpenAI, this feature maximises efficiency by saving time during customer interactions.

Instead of having your agents manually edit and proofread each live chat message themselves before sending, the AI does all the work for them. 

It works like this…

  1. An agent types a message into the chatbox.
  2. Instead of pressing send, the agent clicks the AI Rephrase icon next to the chatbox.
  3. The agent then chooses a style/tone for the rephrase. The options listed are: better spelling/grammar, longer, shorter, friendlier, more professional.
  4. Once the agent selects the preferred style, a selection of alternative versions of their original message will appear under the Agent Suggestions tab.
  5. The agent clicks ‘Fill Chatbox’ for the option they want to use.
  6. The revised version appears in the chatbox and can be sent straight away or amended first if needed.

All account holders can easily enable/disable AI Agent Rephrase within your company console settings. Once enabled, the feature will activate for all your agents.

Getting started 

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