AI Agent Training Simulator

March 18, 2024
Expedite agent training and onboarding with AI simulations of customer interactions.

AI Agent Training is now available as an add-on for all Business and Enterprise-tier customers.

This feature allows you to train agents by pitting them against chatbot simulations of customer interactions.

Once set up, the AI acts as a customer would in the chosen scenario, allowing your agents to interact with it as they would in a real-life live chat conversation. 

It means your agents can practise customer communication, troubleshooting, issue resolution, and navigating difficult conversations  - all within a controlled, risk-free environment.

Maximise agent potential with on-demand practice sessions

Powered by OpenAI, this feature will revolutionise staff training by allowing agents to engage in virtual simulations of customer conversations.

This will not only significantly speed up the process of onboarding new hires but will also make it far easier for existing agents to upskill and improve their abilities.

It works like this…

  1. Account holders and/or supervisors configure a range of training scenarios using the template provided (see image below). You can create as many different scenarios as you want/need.
  2. Once these are set up, you can initiate a training session for your agents based on one of your scenarios. 
  3. This will trigger a simulated live chat interaction for the chosen agent/s. The agent can then engage in a back-and-forth conversation with the AI until they either reach the desired outcome or fail the session. 

You can also give your agents the option to trigger training sessions themselves, empowering them to take control of their self-development. This ability can be enabled/disabled within your console settings. 

Drive performance & productivity with AI-enhanced training

AI Agent Training offers an innovative and efficient way to drastically reduce training times and optimise agent performance.

With the ability to create and customise countless scenarios, you’ll also be able to devise an AI-driven training program that’s tailored to your brand, business requirements, and customer needs.

Your AI training scenarios can cover a range of use cases, for example:

  • New hire training: Onboard new agents by simulating common customer interactions and scenarios they’re likely to encounter most often.
  • Product knowledge training: Train agents on product features, specifications, and troubleshooting processes by simulating complex product queries/issues.
  • Sales training: Provide sales reps with practice opportunities to engage with virtual leads, pitch products or services, and handle objections effectively.
  • Communication skills development: Help agents improve their customer communication, empathy, and problem-solving skills by practising with the AI in various scenarios.
  • Compliance training: Ensure agents understand and adhere to company policies, legal regulations, and industry standards by simulating compliance-related interactions.
  • Difficult conversations: Prepare agents to manage challenging or sensitive situations, such as handling irate customers or resolving particularly complex queries.
  • Quality assurance/monitoring: In addition to training, this feature can be used as a tool for automated quality monitoring where AI simulations are used to evaluate and compare agent performance. You can also test the effectiveness of various features (e.g. AI agent suggestions, knowledge base responses, canned messages, etc.) in a range of real-world scenarios/interactions.

By allowing agents to experience and navigate a variety of real-world scenarios through AI simulation, you’ll instil confidence in their abilities leading to improved performance and productivity.

You’ll also ensure that your agents are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to handle the full scope of customer interactions. 

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