AI Insights Reports

January 18, 2024
Gain AI-generated analytics for all your chat interactions.

All Business and Enterprise-tier customers can now utilise AI Insights Reports.

Before this update, discovering the “why” behind customer contact involved anecdotal input from agents, classification codes/tags, or manually trawling through transcripts.

Now, you can use an AI-powered Large Language Model (LLM) to analyse your chat transcripts and automatically generate concise analytics reports. 

It means you can gain data-driven insights with ease and understand large amounts of interaction data at a glance.

Leverage the power of LLM

This new feature uses a powerful Large Language Model (LLM) to analyse interaction data (i.e. chat transcripts) and generate reports that:

  • Outline the top 10 issues raised by customers in the last month/week (depending on configured report frequency)
  • Provide links to an example interaction for each issue
  • Highlight any customer queries/issues that could be automated with a chatbot

These reports can also be automatically emailed to any number of your colleagues on a weekly/monthly basis.

As a result, you and your support teams will be able to quickly identify the reasons driving customers to contact you - with zero manual work from your agents. 

You’ll also be able to answer the key question - “what conversation flows can we automate with our chatbot?”

It means you can save time for your agents/supervisors, and create a chatbot that provides the answers your customers really need.

Getting started 

Want to get started with AI Insights Reports?

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