AI Knowledge Base Responses

February 26, 2024
Increase agent efficiency with response suggestions from your own AI knowledge bases.

All Talkative customers using the new agent console can now use AI Knowledge Base Responses.

This feature allows you to create multiple AI knowledge bases using your website content and text-based files/documents.

Once set up, the AI uses your knowledge base dataset to generate relevant response recommendations during customer interactions.

It means your agents can respond faster to customer queries - with highly accurate, consistent, and detailed information.

Empower agents & improve efficiency with generative AI

Powered by OpenAI, this feature provides your agents with real-time response suggestions during live chat interactions.

It achieves this by analysing customer messages plus any preceding conversation. Then, the AI searches for an appropriate answer to the message within your knowledge base content.

Once it identifies the relevant information within your knowledge base, a suggested response will appear under the Agent Suggestions tab.

This process maximises efficiency by saving agent time. Instead of having to search through your knowledge base themselves and type out a response, the AI does all the work for them.

And, as all recommendations are based purely on your pre-approved dataset, you can rest easy knowing that the generated responses will be highly accurate, consistent, and on-brand.

In cases where the AI can’t find a suitable response within your knowledge base, no suggestion will be generated - so you won’t have to worry about customers receiving unhelpful or irrelevant information. 

Easily create knowledge bases with webpage and file-based content

Creating an AI-powered knowledge base is made easy with this new feature.

All you have to do is import relevant URLs from your company website or upload a selection of file-based knowledge base content (e.g. documents, articles, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.).

You can even build multiple knowledge base models and assign them to different chat queues. This is particularly useful if you serve multiple brands from a single Talkative account.

One thing to bear in mind is that the output quality of this feature is largely dependent on the quality of the data you input.

In other words, the more comprehensive your knowledge base content is, the better the response suggestions will be.

If you need help identifying or preparing the right knowledge base content for your business needs, feel free to reach out to the Talkative team for advice.

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