Calendly Integration

November 9, 2022
Let your customers book personalized consultations with the power of Calendly & Talkative.

Your customers can now use Calendly to schedule a Talkative video chat consultation with an advisor - all thanks to our latest integration. 

It means that you no longer need to use an alternative platform to power your Calendly customer appointments. 

Instead, they can now be managed and provided through your existing Talkative setup. 

Give your customers the gift of self-service

Prior to this integration, your customers had to speak with an advisor in order to arrange a Talkative video chat.

Now, they can take matters into their own hands.

With the power of Calendly, they can book a personalized Talkative video consultation at a time that works for them.

This saves time for your customer-facing teams and grants your customers maximum convenience through the power of self-service.

Getting started 

All Talkative customers need for this integration is a Calendly Professional (or higher) account.

Want to integrate your Talkative account with Calendly? Get in touch with your Talkative account manager today.

‍And for more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

Are you a new customer that likes the look of this integration? 

Book a demo to discover how Talkative and Calendly combined can make your website interactions more personable and profitable. 

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