Canned Messages

February 9, 2022
Automatically send short greetings, questions and answers to improve agent efficiency.

UPDATE: Talkative's canned messages has had an even newer update! Discover more on dynamic canned responses.

Canned messages are short, prewritten messages that agents can send automatically to customers during their chat session to help save time and improve efficiency.

Canned messages allow you to respond to customers' questions promptly without having to research or write out your answer every time.

Typically, canned messages are used most frequently for: 

  • Quick greetings
  • FAQs responses
  • Data collection

Agents have full control over which canned messages they send to customers, and whether or not they choose to customise the message.

These quick, pre-written responses enables agents to manage more chats concurrently whilst giving customers the support they need, as well as being effective at reducing response times.

Agents also have more time to personalise the message for each specific customer if necessary, which can boost your customer satisfaction ratings.

Canned message functionality includes:

• queue-specific messages

• dynamic variables, e.g. agent name

• automatic welcome messages (configured at queue level)

• automatic follow up messages (configured at queue level)

Who is using this feature?

Canned messages are one of our most commonly used features, being used by every Talkative client.

For retail companies, canned messages are useful to gain customer account information quickly.

For public sector organisations, canned messages shave valuable time off each chat interaction length which is hugely important when dealing with high volumes of inbound interactions.

How to use the feature?

Agents just need to enter ## to bring up a list of canned messages. Agents can also see canned messages available to them.

Supervisors can create, read, edit and delete canned messages.

How do we set up the feature?

Canned messages are enabled by default for all users.

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