Chatbot Fulfilment

February 27, 2024
Automate ‘where’s my order’ and other customer-specific queries with chatbot webhooks.

All Talkative customers can now set up Chatbot Fulfilment/Webhooks.

With this feature, your chatbot will be able to handle customer-specific queries and tasks (e.g. order status updates, booking appointments, etc.)

Before this update, the Talkative chatbot didn’t support integration with external servers.

Now, that’s all changed - meaning you can integrate our chatbot with your own API or CRM system.

Once set up, the chatbot will be able to retrieve data from your API/CRM and vice versa during interactions.

This means the bot will be able to process and provide tailored information for customers - allowing it to offer a personalised CX while saving even more time for your agents.

Automate more & more complex workflows

Thanks to this new feature, your chatbot will be able to automate an increasing number of workflows and interactions.

Take the classic “where’s my order?” query as an example. 

With fulfilment, a chatbot can take a customer’s order number, use it to look up their details in your system, and then provide the customer with an order status update (e.g. in transit, out for delivery, etc.).

It works like this - at a point chosen by you, the Talkative chatbot will be able to:

  1. Send a request to a server/system configured by you, including all the data captured in the chatbot so far.
  2. Get the response to that request and record it for future use in the chatbot.
  3. Use the data stored to make decisions and send messages for the rest of the chatbot session.

It’s worth noting that the setup for this feature can be quite complex - but you can reach out to the Talkative team if you or your developers need support with configuration.

Getting started 

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