Cobrowse Feature Toggle

July 28, 2022
Customize your agents’ Cobrowse capabilities for full feature control and security.

You can now control which Cobrowse features are accessible to your contact center agents! 

It means you can create a customized, consistent, and secure experience for all your customers. 

With the full range of Cobrowse features easily edited and accessible within the Talkative Company Configs, you can make sure your agents have access to the most powerful Cobrowse tools they need, while disabling any features that don’t align with your goals. 

Want to get started straight away? Head over to our support article on the new Cobrowse Feature Toggle now!

Gain granular control over a full Cobrowse feature list

Prior to this update, agents using Talkative’s Cobrowse had full access to every feature available, including: 

  • Screensharing
  • Annotation/Drawing
  • Highlighting
  • Scrolling
  • Remote Control

This feature set allows agents to offer customers the most interactive and helpful Cobrowse experience possible. 

Nevertheless, we wanted to give you the ability to control what features your agents have access to, in turn controlling what they can and can’t do with your end-users’ screens.

Doing so enables you to gain a greater sense of control and consistency with the tools available to the agents on your team. 

Features enabled:

Features disabled:

Peace of mind with foolproof security

As we’ve seen, Talkative’s Cobrowse is more than just a screenshare system. It comes with a full feature set as standard. 

However, we wanted to give you the power to configure your Cobrowse setup for additional security.

For instance, say you wanted to prevent your agents from gaining access to or entering information on a customer’s screen. 

You can now limit your agents’ abilities by turning off their Remote Control function - giving both you and your customers full peace of mind. 

Still, when creating this update, the Talkative team wanted to go the extra mile in terms of security. 

It’s why we’ve not only created the Cobrowse Toggle Feature, we’ve also made sure there’s no ‘work-arounds’ to accessing any features you want out of reach!

So, rather than just hiding the buttons from your agents, this new feature comes with a change of code within the product. 

It means that, once you’ve turned a feature off, only you can turn it back on. 

Cobrowse Feature Toggle: Use cases

As a customer communication tool, Cobrowse is unrivaled in terms of its interactive scope. 

That said, not every agent needs the full suite of Cobrowse features for every interaction. 

What’s more, not every customer feels comfortable with certain Cobrowse capabilities. 

It’s why the Cobrowse Feature Toggle can prove so useful in a variety of use cases. 

Take organizations that deal with sensitive information, for example: financial institutions, or even retail businesses assisting with a monetary transaction. 

While some customers will be more than happy to interact with agents using Cobrowse, some demographics might only feel comfortable granting a Highlight or Annotate function, rather than granting full Remote Control access. 

By the same token, you might want to limit your agents’ capabilities based on the service you provide with Cobrowse. 

Manage a team of support agents? The full suite of Cobrowse tools is going to help your agents guide customers throughout the entirety of their digital journey. 

In contrast, a sales team might only need one or two key Cobrowse tools to get the job done. 

Once again, it’s really up to you. But either way, by helping you get more granular with your Cobrowse feature set and the offering you provide your customers, you can ensure an online experience that’s completely consistent with your brand and your values. 

At the same time, you can rest assured that your customers are secure, and that your team is working efficiently - whatever Cobrowse tools they use. 

Future updates

Alongside the main update above, we’re excited to continue updating and adapting Cobrowse’s growing list of features. 

Case in point, we’ll soon be updating the Cobrowse Feature Toggle with Queue Level customization. 

It means you’ll be able to customize your Cobrowse even deeper, choosing which queues and channels you offer your favorite Cobrowse features from. 

Getting started

Want to get started with the Cobrowse Feature Toggle straight away? Read more from our support article 

‍And for more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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