Custom Feedback Forms

April 21, 2023
Gain a deeper understanding of customer satisfaction with customizable feedback forms.

All Talkative customers can now enjoy our new and improved Custom Feedback Forms. 

Prior to this update, we only provided one pre-set feedback form with two rating options (thumbs up or thumbs down) plus a comment box.

Now, that’s all changed. We wanted to give our customers full control over their feedback collection.

That’s why we’ve developed fully customizable Feedback Forms - giving you the freedom to tailor feedback requests to suit your business needs and goals.  

Get the feedback you need with maximum flexibility

Thanks to this new update, you can design a bespoke Feedback Form for your brand within the Widget Editor.

You’ll have free reign over the questions asked in the form, as well as five rating options per question (in the form of face emojis). You can also still use the original thumbs up/thumbs down rating system if you prefer.

It means you can gather a wider range of feedback and a more detailed insight into your customers’ perceptions and satisfaction levels.

Once set up, your Custom Feedback Form will automatically appear at the end of every website interaction with a customer - whether that be a chatbot, live chat, video chat, or web call conversation.

When a customer fills out and submits the form, their answers can be reviewed in your Interaction Logs. 

You can also configure your Supervisor Dashboard to display the feedback data in real time.

Getting started 

Need help getting started with Custom Feedback Forms? Get in touch with your Talkative Account Manager.

And for more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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