Customer Journey Mapping

February 9, 2022
Customer journey mapping gives agents an overview of the customer’s website journey during their current session

What is customer journey mapping?

A great feature to work alongside your chat solution is customer journey mapping.

This gives agents an overview of the customer’s website journey during their current session, and the agents can see which pages on your website they have visited and how long they have spent on them.

This helps to contextualise your customer services, sales, and general enquiries, and allows your agents to offer more tailored and helpful advice.

Agents can see what web pages the customer has visited during historic sessions too.

If the customer is a returning visitor, their previous journeys are stored on the system and can be retrieved quickly and easily.

Customer journey mapping isn't only limited to viewing what pages on your website the customer has visited during their session.

If the customer is logged into the website, the tool can be used to securely view basket contents and the users approximate location.

This is particularly helpful for retail websites, as it allows agents to quickly understand the customers relationship with the brand, the types of products they are interested in and the nature of their enquiry.

In summary, customer journey mapping allows you to:

  • See a real-time visual overview of web pages your customer has visited during the session
  • Securely view session data e.g. basket contents
  • View the current page the customer is on to help contextualise their enquiry
  • Send customers to a different page on your website with Page Push
  • Use cobrowse to see, understand and solve customer issues

Who is using this feature?

It is also a tool which can be used for both sales and service.

Agents use customer journey mapping to see which web pages the customer has visited during the session, which is particularly useful when you have a large number of products.

From a sales perspective, automotive companies and car dealerships use customer journey mapping to quickly understand what type of vehicle a customer is interested in purchasing.

The sales advisor can see from previous pages if a customer is interested in used or new vehicles, approximate age, mileage, make, model and spec level, before the interaction has even begun.

The sales agent can then use cobrowse to begin an interactive website experience with the customer, by sharing navigation and annotating the page to highlight key areas of interest to the customer.

In addition to this, agents can push pages to customers, which automatically directs them to different pages on your website.

Customer journey mapping is also great for digital marketing teams, too.

Talkative’s solution can be integrated with Google Analytics, and chat interactions can be set up as events.

By correlating the customer journey maps with chat events and type of enquiry (which can all be found within the system) you can determine which pages are generating the most chats, highlighting pages which may be confusing to customers.

On the other hand, this could also highlight your most effective landing pages for conversions and lead generation.

How to use this feature?

During any Talkative interaction, click on the 'Information' tab.

How do we set up the feature?

Customer journey is enabled by default for all users.

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