Enhanced Agent Video Controls

June 8, 2023
Give your agents maximum flexibility and control during video chats with customers.

All Talkative customers can now utilize Enhanced Agent Video Controls.

Prior to this update, agents could only enable/disable a customer’s camera or microphone access before the interaction started.

Now, your agents will also have the ability to turn a customer’s camera/microphone on or off at any point during the video call.

It means your agents will have greater control and flexibility throughout video chat interactions.

Empower your video chat agents

Thanks to this new update, your agents can enjoy increased video functionality and controls.

The ability to enable/disable a customer’s camera during video calls allows your agents to switch back and forth between voice and video chat.

It means your agents can assist customers more effectively and provide seamless transitions during interactions.

In order to enable a customer’s camera, the customer has to provide consent. However, when disabling the camera/microphone function, the agent will have full control and can do so without the customer’s permission.

This empowers your agents to protect themselves from abusive users and prevent inappropriate use of the camera function.

Getting started 

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