Enhanced Timeout Messages

August 11, 2022
Automatically complete Talkative interactions with enhanced timeout capabilities.

When a customer stops engaging with a chat, Timeout Messages serve as a useful reminder that can prompt them to reply. 

But in cases where a customer has abandoned the interaction completely, you need this feature to go a step further.

That’s why we decided to enhance and improve Talkative’s Timeout Messages. 

With our recent update, Timeout Messages can now end, tag, and complete chat interactions.

Previously, the timeout function was just a set canned message that would appear once the customer became inactive.

This meant that even abandoned interactions would still appear in the console despite no responses from the customer. 

Now, that’s all changed, as the new Timeout Messages feature can also automatically end the interaction after a specified period of further inactivity. 

What’s more, in cases where the Timeout Message does terminate the chat, it can also be configured to tag and complete the interaction.

This speeds up workflows for your advisors by automating tags and completion processes.

Full control over Timeout Message configuration

At Talkative, we understand that all our customers have different needs and preferences.

That’s why we’ve made this update fully customizable to suit your processes.

If you want your Timeout Messages to end interactions but without also completing them, you can enable/disable its capabilities within your Company Config settings.

That way, you can enjoy greater speed and convenience without it interfering with your own procedures.

Getting started 

Want to get started with Enhanced Timeout Messages straight away? Take a look at our support article to find out how. 

‍And for more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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