Genesys Cloud Integration

September 13, 2023
Bring the power of Talkative into your Genesys Cloud contact center environment.

Contact centers using Genesys Cloud can now integrate with Talkative’s real-time digital engagement platform.

With this integration, you’ll be able to bring video support into your Genesys contact center - thanks to Talkative’s video chat capabilities.

Plus, all interactions will be analyzed by Genesys’ routing engine and directed to the most appropriate agent - empowering you to deliver more efficient and effective customer service.

Engage customers face-to-face with Talkative’s video chat

Thanks to this new integration, contact centers using Genesys Cloud can gain access to the Talkative console.

It means you can now engage your digital customers face-to-face - with the power of Talkative’s advanced video chat solution.

You’ll also be able to utilize our complete suite of contact channels, features, and capabilities - all within your Genesys environment.

Getting started 

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