Reservation Histories in Interaction Logs

May 27, 2022
View the full queue and reservation context of all interactions!

Standalone and Salesforce users can now view full queue reservation histories in Talkative’s Interaction Logs! 

This update allows you to view the entire context of all customer interactions. 

From the exact moment a customer initiates a chat through to a resolved query, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how long your agents take to answer interactions and solve issues. 

In turn, you can make better day-to-day workforce management decisions within your contact center.

Never lose sight of an interaction

Maintaining efficient customer service is a never-ending challenge for contact center managers. 

You want to make sure that every customer is served quickly and efficiently. But sometimes customers might bounce through lots of chat agents before receiving the help they need. If the customer then complains, how are you supposed to help address the issue? 

Previously, Talkative users couldn’t access this kind of information if they needed to troubleshoot any issues.

But thanks to this new update, you can now gain full contextual insight with ease, allowing you to investigate all interactions and take efficient, corrective action. 

Getting started

To get started, navigate to the Interaction Log section of the platform. 

There you’ll be able to view newly detailed information about every customer interaction. This includes the date and time of the interaction, the agent who handled it, the type of interaction, and more.

For any other queries, get in touch with your Talkative Account Manager. We're always happy to help. ‍

And for more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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