Integrate Chat Widgets Within iOS Apps

July 6, 2022
Perfect your branded chat experience on all Apple mobile devices

You can now integrate your website’s chat widget with your iOS app, all thanks to an updated version of Talkative’s no-code chat widget builder! 

Recently retooled to ensure compatibility across all Apple devices, it means you can present a truly on-brand experience to the customers using your iOS app. 

Previously, Talkative customers using iOS applications were limited by the manner in which they could create, edit, and deploy the chat window within their app. 

Now, that’s all changed. 

You can now use the iOS SDK to embed your chat widget straight into your app. 

From there, your chat widget is configured within Talkative - exactly the same as your website widget. 

It means a much more consistent experience across customer devices - without any extra work. 

And as Talkative’s widget builder was built with a mobile-first design, you can rest assured that every customers’ iOS experience will prove fast and efficient. 

The most customizable widget on the market

When we talk about offering customizability, we mean it. 

With Talkative’s widget editor, you can effortlessly create on-brand widgets without worrying about any coding. 

Pre-chat forms, nudges, and deployable customer messages can be implemented with ease, all from one location. 

What’s more, there’s countless options for text, buttons, images, videos and more. 

Finally, your changes are all updated in real time with Talkative’s live widget preview.  

You’ll have your new iOS chat widget perfected and published in no time at all. 

Getting started

To get started with integrating the Talkative chat widget within your iOS app, get in touch with your Talkative Account Manager! 

Alternatively, you can visit our support article to get started with the Talkative iOS SDK

And for more of a general guide on our iOS app, visit to the Talkative iOS app guide here.

For more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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