NICE CXone Integration: Video Chat, Live Chat, and More

April 17, 2023
Deliver an omnichannel customer experience from within NICE CXone

Contact centers using NICE inContact CXone can now engage more customers across their website, app, and messaging channels.

With the new Talkative CXone integration, NICE inContact customers now have access to a range of sophisticated digital channels, including: 

  • Real-Time Video Chat
  • Enhanced Live Chat
  • AI Chatbots
  • Cobrowse
  • Messaging 
  • Web Callbacks 

All embedded within CXone’s MAX screen, the Talkative platform can now fit straight into your CXone environment. 

It means your agents can efficiently serve and engage more customers than ever before - all while complimenting your CXone workflows.  

Keep track of interactions with a unified queue presence

Talkative’s integration enables you to embed a wide range of channels into CXone’s MAX browser tab. 

At the same time, you also gain the benefit of a unified queue presence. 

So, with Talkative natively embedded and synced with CXone, your agents get a more efficient and reliable experience. 

Meanwhile, you get the security of knowing your team will never miss an interaction - regardless of the channel being used. 

Choose your omnichannel strategy

Talkative lets you choose how you’d prefer to engage. 

With integrations into CXone’s Work Items system or Digital First Omnichannel, you can choose the best setup strategy for you.  

From there, you can develop your own unique engagement strategy to better serve, sell, and support. 

Getting started 

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