Outbound WhatsApp Support Messages

May 15, 2023
Proactively assist more customers by initiating conversations via WhatsApp.

All Talkative customers can now enjoy outbound WhatsApp interactions. 

Prior to this update, only inbound WhatsApp messages were possible - meaning that your customers would have to start the interaction if they wanted to communicate via WhatsApp.

Now, you and your contact center teams will also have the ability to send outbound WhatsApp messages for customer support.

It means you can proactively assist and engage your customers through one of the most popular and widely used messaging apps.

Initiate customer interactions with WhatsApp templates

Thanks to this new update, your agents can easily initiate customer conversations via WhatsApp messaging. 

In order to activate this feature, you’ll first need to submit a message template to be approved by WhatsApp - which the Talkative team are happy to help with!

Then, when your template/s have been approved, all you have to do is enable ‘Outbound WhatsApp Interactions’ within your Company Configs settings.

Once a customer replies to any initial WhatsApp message, your agents will have free reign to converse with the customer in any format - the template is only required for the first outbound message.

By initiating interactions via WhatsApp, you can increase engagement and provide a more convenient customer experience.

Getting started 

Want to get started with Outbound WhatsApp messages? Get in touch with your Talkative Account Manager.

And for more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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