Phone Calls as Full Interactions

May 17, 2022
Answer phone calls, live chat, and video interactions all in one location!

Talkative customers can now answer phone calls as if they were live chat or video interactions!

It means agents can answer any and all interactions within one pane of glass - from live chat to video to phone calls. 

This feature was previously available in a simplified form. However, the previous iteration lacked the ability to provide key interaction log data. 

But now, analyzing and reporting on call interactions is as easy as reviewing any other channel,  giving supervisors an aerial view of all interaction data in one location. 

Cater to all customers - from phone calls to video to chat 

This latest update paves the way for organizations looking to better connect their contact centers with their real life customers.

Modern customer journeys begin online, often incorporate a mobile device, and feature your website as a key destination. 

It means that contact centers still need to offer phone interactions as a key customer contact channel. 

However, as the popularity of live chat, video, and other contact methods continues to grow, contact center teams are facing a problem - they need to manage multiple channels and several platforms at once. 

Talkative solves that problem by allowing agents to answer live chat queries, video chats, web calls, and phone calls, all in one application.

Thanks to this update, you can also gain a complete picture of your customer engagement within Talkative’s interaction logs. 

Meanwhile, your agents are able to provide faster service, greater efficiency, and face less workload constraints. 

Key update features 

Accessible within the Talkative agent console, your contact center team can now receive and phone answer calls with ease. 

At the same time, they have the flexibility to place customers on hold, pause and resume calls, and mute microphones - as well as hang up the call. 

Contact center managers or supervisors also have the ability to view analytics and interaction logs after the call is finished. This includes essential meta data, including who handled the call, the caller ID number, and the duration of the interaction. 

You can even access call recordings too, giving you an even greater insight into your agents’ performance and your customer satisfaction levels. 

By speaking with your Talkative Account Manager, you can also arrange bespoke hold music, play statements, and loops. This will give your customers a more personal and tailored experience while they're on the phone with your customers. 

What's next for Talkative?

Alongside our other exciting updates, we’ll soon be adding call transfer capabilities to this feature. Updates are to follow. 

In the meantime, for more on our latest features, check out our most recent release notes!

Getting started 

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