Post-Interaction Wrap-Up Forms

November 7, 2023
Document the essential details for every customer interaction.

All Talkative customers using the new console can now utilize our Post-Interaction Wrap-Up Forms.

Prior to this update, agents could only use tags when wrapping up customer conversations.

Now, you’ll be able to create custom post-interaction forms that can be used to collect any text-based data - in addition to tags.

It means your agents will be able to document any additional information that’s important to your business.

Efficiently add context to every customer interaction

Thanks to this feature, you can easily collect any key details about customer interactions that you deem significant.

For example, you might use Wrap-Up Forms to document customer information (name, email address, order ID, etc.), solutions provided, or required follow-up actions. Agents can also flag any problems they encounter, such as rude or inappropriate customer behavior.

If a customer has already provided their contact details via a pre-interaction form or chatbot, this information will automatically populate the Wrap-Up Form - saving your agents the task of inputting it manually. 

What’s more, you can create multiple Wrap-Up Forms that are specific to different queues and contact channels - allowing you to collect the most useful and relevant information for every interaction.

You can configure all Wrap-up forms within your Company Settings. The data they collect can be viewed within your Talkative Interaction Log and/or sent to your CRM system.

Getting started 

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