Salesforce Omni-Channel Integration

November 30, 2022
Unite your routing queues by integrating Talkative with Salesforce Omni-Channel

For brands using Salesforce Omni-Channel, you can now route Talkative interactions straight into your Salesforce environment. 

It means you can gain a tighter integration into your Salesforce channels, allowing agents to take on Talkative interactions as well as Salesforce cases, emails, and telephone calls. 

With greater control over the routing of your interactions, you’re all the more equipped to match your customers with the right agent at the right time.

Meanwhile, with synced presences, notifications, and seamless integration into the Salesforce UI, your agents still benefit from working within the environment they know best. 

Want to get started with this latest update? Read our Omni-Channel Configuration Guide

Unite your queues with Omni-Channel 

Previously, Salesforce companies using Talkative faced the challenge of using two routers to run interactions. This meant that advisors were limited in the type and number of interactions they could receive. 

Now, all interactions can be routed straight into Omni-Channel. You no longer have to run two routers. It means one queue for advisors, one queue for supervisors, and a simplified management experience - all within your Salesforce UI. 

Expand your view with integrated dashboards and statistics 

Alongside the above benefits, this latest integration means you can now unite routing data between Talkative and your Salesforce dashboards. 

This will give you an even greater overview of your performance, allowing you to make more informed decisions about how you manage your team and channels. 

Getting started 

Want to learn more about integrating Salesforce Omni-Channel with your Talkative account? Check out our support article.

Alternatively, get in touch with your Talkative Account Manager for more assistance. 

For new customers interested in this update, book a demo to learn how integrating Talkative and Salesforce can make your digital interactions more personable and profitable.

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