Supervisor Dashboard Editor

September 5, 2022
Create your own unique dashboards and gain insight into your most important data.

For all customers, Talkative's Supervisor Dashboard is now fully editable - giving you the power to create a dashboard that’s tailored to your brand’s specific needs.

It means you can now configure your Supervisor Dashboard to display and track all the metrics that are most important to you.

With the Supervisor Dashboard Editor, you’ll gain true flexibility in your data analysis and a deeper insight into contact center performance.

Here’s what project leads David Panaho and Hristo Dimitrov had to say on this latest feature: 

Introducing maximum flexibility

Prior to this update, the Supervisor Dashboard provided a useful tool for viewing and monitoring a selection of key metrics

However, it didn’t include as many customization capabilities as the team would’ve liked. You were essentially limited to a pre-defined layout that included a set display of information. 

Now, that’s all changed. 

We wanted to give our customers what they’ve been asking for - full flexibility and freedom to design an intuitive Supervisor Dashboard that encompasses all the information they need to suit their needs and goals.

That’s why we’ve designed an innovative, user-friendly editor that empowers you to pick and choose the data reports that appear on your dashboard. You get to decide which data to prioritize, and can track as much or as little as you like.

As a result, you can efficiently manage workloads and analyze performance like never before. 

A peak inside the Supervisor Dashboard Editor

Taking performance management to the next level

With the new Supervisor Dashboard Editor, you can take a deeper dive into your contact center performance.

You’ll be able to use single-statistic reports to monitor interaction and user data in real-time. For example, you could set your dashboard to display the total number of current active interactions.

You can also use various chart or graph reports to track recent historical data. For example, you could configure a line graph to track the average CSAT score per hour for the past 24 hours. 

What’s more, there’s a wide range of metrics that you can utilize, including (but not limited to):

  • Total number of interactions
  • Number of queued interactions
  • Number of active interactions
  • Number of abandoned interactions
  • Average handle time that day
  • Interactions per hour (past 24 hours)
  • CSAT per hour (past 24 hours)

By harnessing the power of an advanced and tailored Supervisor Dashboard, you can equip your supervisors with the tools they need to improve and optimize performance.

Future updates

Going forward, we hope to make Talkative’s Supervisor Dashboard Editor even more advanced. 

It’s currently in beta, so you can expect the addition of various extra features and visual changes as it develops. 

For example, our team is planning to add a variety of pre-built dashboard templates for common use cases in time to come.

You’ll be able to use these time-saving templates as a foundation to build upon and add your own, individual customizations. 

We're also adding SLA and alerts in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more information.

Getting started 

To get started with the Supervisor Dashboard Editor, navigate to the Settings section in the Talkative navigation bar.

Next, select Supervisor Dashboards. This will take you through to the Dashboard View window, where you can create your unique dashboard.

For more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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