Supervisor Dashboard Redesign

June 20, 2022
Gain a powerful overview of your contact center with Talkative’s reinvented dashboard.

Talkative’s Supervisor Dashboard has gone through a complete transformation, providing you with a more flexible and intuitive overview of your contact center. 

Completely rebuilt from the ground up, you can now manage chat, video, and voice interactions faster than ever before, all thanks to new features like: 

  • A redesigned interface, built with user-friendly navigation in mind. 
  • A filterable overview of your key channel queues, contact agents, and most important metrics.
  • A reconfigured storage set-up, keeping data secure while supercharging loading speed. 

In terms of day to day use, it means a faster experience and a far easier way of analyzing all the key information you need. 

For customers using a standalone deployment or Salesforce integration, the new Supervisor Dashboard is available now - simply head to the Getting Started section below.

Contact center management made easy

The previous iteration of Talkative’s Supervisor Dashboard presented a lot of useful information.

Nevertheless, we recognized that there was room for improvement. 

We wanted you to experience faster loading times, a more intuitive and manageable interface, and the capability to easily access and analyze the most important data to you.

After much research and review, the new Talkative dashboard has been completely redesigned, resulting in a powerful tool that can give you a new and improved overview of your contact center. 

These changes present a marked difference with the old dashboard system. 

Previously, the Supervisor Dashboard setup limited the amount of quick data you could easily access. While you could have main queues on display, there was no real ability to filter key information.

Now, that’s all changed. 

With the new Supervisor Dashboard, you can clearly monitor key metrics with a quick glance.

You can study queue statuses and agent activity with ease too. 

And now, through the Global Filters window, you can create custom widgets for a more personalized view of your dashboard. 

It means that handling agent workload and improving contact center performance has never been easier. 

Fast loading, fast insights

Along with the improvements we’ve mentioned above, the Talkative team coupled the dashboard overhaul with a smarter approach to data storage. 

It means that the new Supervisor Dashboard can load in seconds. 

In contrast, the old dashboard took up to three minutes to load.

But with Talkative taking control of data processing - moving from external storage to in-house management - you can now rest assured that your dashboard is always reliable and always up to date. 

What’s next for Talkative?

This new and improved version of the Talkative Supervisor Dashboard is the first iteration of many, with more and more improvements to come. 

For example, our long term goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to create a fully customized dashboard that meets your specific needs. 

Furthermore, following updates will also give you the opportunity to view historic data too, rounding out your ability to compare and contrast current and previous performance. 

Mitel integration is also soon to follow, giving all customers the chance to benefit from these new feature updates. 

Getting started 

The new Supervisor Dashboard is available for all Talkative customers working with a standalone deployment or a Salesforce integration. 

To get started, head to the following address to gain access: https://*

Note: In the above address, * equates to eu, au, or us.

For more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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