Supervisor Whisper

August 10, 2023
Improve workplace collaboration and communication with internal messaging.

All Talkative customers using the new console can now utilize our Supervisor Whisper feature.

Prior to this update, agents and supervisors couldn’t communicate with each other via the Talkative platform.

Now, they’ll be able to message each other internally within their Talkative environment.

It means your supervisors can provide real-time guidance during customer conversations - thereby improving collaboration and agent performance.

Leverage the benefits of internal communication

With this new feature, agents and supervisors can collaborate with each other easily and discreetly during any customer interaction.

This means that if an agent requires help or guidance at any point during an interaction, they can reach out to an available supervisor - without disrupting the customer experience.

Or, conversely, if a monitoring supervisor notices that an agent has made an error or is in a difficult situation, they can proactively offer assistance by messaging the agent.

What’s more, agents can opt to attach internal messages to a case when they escalate it - providing greater clarity and context for the subsequent agents who handle the interaction.

All internal communications via the Supervisor Whisper feature can be viewed within your Interaction Logs. 

Thanks to this update, you’ll not only improve internal communication - you can also optimize training and monitoring, boost agent performance through real-time coaching, and gain a deeper insight into the context of customer conversations.

Getting started 

Need help getting started with Supervisor Whisper? Check out our support article or get in touch with your Talkative account manager.

And for more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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