Talkative Chatbot Builder

November 23, 2023
Effortlessly create unique bots for your brand - no coding expertise required.

All Talkative customers can harness the power of our new, user-friendly Chatbot Builder.

Before this update, Talkative chatbots could only be built via integration with other, more complex platforms (e.g. Google Dialogflow).

Now, you’ll also be able to create decision-tree chatbot flows within the Talkative application itself.

It means you’ll have the freedom to build your own bots independently - without the need for advanced technical knowledge or expertise.

Intuitive design, countless possibilities

Talkative has always offered chatbot solutions through integration with Google Dialogflow and other platforms. 

However, we recognised that this approach to chatbot-building had a number of downsides for our customers.

Firstly, technical complexity has been a persistent issue - especially when building decision-tree chatbots. This is because visualising a conversation flow is particularly challenging within the Google Dialogflow interface.

Secondly, accessing other platforms like Google Dialogflow requires a separate login and interface to the core Talkative application - thereby creating a disjointed user experience.

And finally, reliance on third-party entities like Google Dialogflow often necessitates sharing data, which may raise concerns about privacy and control.

To address these challenges, our team has created an in-house chatbot solution that'll provide the following key benefits…

  • Simplified setup: The bot builder can be set up quickly and easily within the Talkative interface. No third-party tools, no new logins, and no data sharing required.
  • Intuitive user experience: Our bot builder’s UI was specifically designed to provide an intuitive, visually driven, user-friendly experience. Unlike platforms like Dialogflow that demand technical expertise, this tool is designed for universal usability. Features like flow highlights and a chatbot preview will empower you to create a bot with speed and ease.
  • Effortless maintenance: Streamlined functionalities within the bot builder enable easy search for key phrases, usage reporting, version management, copy/pasting elements, and more. This makes chatbot maintenance effortless and facilitates seamless collaboration with other colleagues.

What’s more, you can use the Talkative Chatbot Builder to create as many bots as you need - meaning you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to design specific bots for specific channels, queues, and/or purposes.

Future developments

Going forward, our team will continue to make the Talkative Chatbot Builder even more advanced. 

This feature is still in active development, so you can expect the addition of extra features and UI improvements as it develops. 

In fact, our team is currently working on adding various AI enhancements, including:

  • Knowledge base ingest - This will allow your bot to generate answers based on information from your website.
  • AI-powered responses - This will enable your bot to generate more human-like responses and change its tone according to the interaction context.

Stay tuned for more information!

Getting started 

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