Video Chat & Screensharing: New & improved

February 9, 2022
Revamped video chat with full mobile support, camera selection, recording, full-screen and screensharing

We're all using Zoom/Webex/FaceTime to video call with our clients/colleagues/friends.

This consumer behaviour is bleeding into how people are contacting organisations and brands.

Due to unprecedented demand for video chat to support remote sales and service, we've built a new and improved video chat system.

Unlike Zoom/FaceTime, Talkative's video chat is fully embedded into your existing website, meaning end users can join a video chat on-demand, with no need for clients/plugins/downloads/popups. Truly seamless!

This new video/screenshare functionality massively improves the end-user experience for video, full mobile compatibility:

• support for customers using iPhones (all smartphones, tablets and desktops/laptops supported)

• much improved UI/UX, particularly on mobile

• ability for mobile users to "flip" cameras

• improved global low-latency architecture

• ability to screenshare (either customer or agent)

• ability to record video chat interactions

• ability to go full screen

• real-time visual feedback for mic and bandwidth

• start video on-demand, escalate from chat or schedule sessions

Who is using this feature?

At Talkative we're helping enable video customer contact in a range of scenarios:
• a virtual "brick and mortar" retail experience for a high street retailer
• face-to-face contact for a healthcare organisation delivering remote patient contact
• supporting sign language services for a government body

The solution can be deployed standalone, or integrated into your existing contact centre:

Contact centre embedded video chat

... or into your favourite CRM:

Salesforce-embedded video chat

How to use this feature?

New video chat has designed to be as intuitive as possible. No training required!

How do we set up the feature?

Please enable "New Video" within your Company Manager settings. Please ensure your customer scripts are set to version 1.22.0 or higher.

Please contact us if you would like to enable new video, or if you would like a demo.

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