AI Video Chat Transcripts

February 21, 2023
Enjoy automatic transcription of all your video chat interactions.

Talkative Enterprise customers can now have their video chat interactions automatically transcribed.

Before this update, customers looking to analyze video interactions had to watch recordings or monitor calls in real-time.

Now, you also have the option to convert video chat recordings into a text-based, conversational transcript.

It means you can revisit any video call with greater ease, convenience, and clarity.

Gain a deeper insight into video conversations

Thanks to this new update, video chat recordings can be automatically sent to Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the end of each interaction.

AWS then uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to convert your recordings into highly accurate transcripts.

When a transcript is ready, it appears within your Interaction Log. The original recording can either be saved or automatically deleted post-transcription - depending on your needs and preferences. 

What’s more, the transcripts include language and dialect detection, a back-and-forth conversational format, and time stamps for every utterance. 

It means you can access the full interaction context and a detailed insight into every video conversation - without having to watch a recording.

You can even search your transcripts for specific words and phrases - a great tool for training, monitoring, and analytics. 

Getting started 

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