Virtual Backgrounds for Video Chat

April 28, 2022
Talkative video chat now supports virtual backgrounds for your agents!

Up until recently, presenting an on-brand video chat experience for your customers required some creativity.

If you wanted to feature your organization’s logo behind a video chat support agent, you had to make use of a screen or a backdrop. 

This wasn’t exactly conducive to team flexibility. What if you had video chat agents working from home? 

What if they needed to work from a different location within your contact center?

And what if you just had a busy day at the office? 

Ultimately, background distractions can be a nightmare for your support agents. 

What’s more, it can make the experience feel a little unprofessional for your customers. 

It’s why we’ve given Talkative’s video chat an exciting new update! 

Introducing virtual backgrounds

Now, agents can present on-brand video chats with your chosen background. 

Simply choose which image you’d like to use as an agent backdrop, follow our support article guide, and you can start providing more private and branded video interactions today! 

New and improved controls

Along with the above update, this new release means Talkative supervisors now have full control over their agents’ actions. 

For instance, do you want to make sure your agents can’t turn off your new virtual background settings? 

Now, you can disable their access, giving you peace of mind about the consistency of your new and improved video chat experience!

We’ve also applied this functionality to background blurring too. 

So, if you’d prefer to give your customers a more private and less-branded experience via video chat, you can still improve each interaction with background blurring. 

What’s more, with this latest update, Talkative agents no longer have to enable the blurring feature before every call. 

Instead, Talkative admin and supervisors can now create a preset for your team’s chosen blurring preferences. 

It means your agents will always be able to join a call without worrying about their background or surroundings. 

In turn, your customers will automatically see a blurred background behind your agents in each and every call. 

Virtual background and blurring use cases

Simply put, all organizations using Talkative’s video chat can benefit from this latest update. 

Admin and supervisors can ensure that all video chats are on-brand and consistent across all video interactions. 

Customers can also enjoy a greater feeling of privacy and security when speaking with your team. 

Finally, both you and your team benefit from far greater flexibility.

With your video chat agents no longer limited to using a specific part of your contact center office, you can deploy work-from-home agents and out-of-office agents with ease. 

At the same time, your customers will get all the benefits of a face-to-face video interaction, without any of the needless distractions. It’s win win. 

Getting started

Want to learn more about using virtual backgrounds and blurring to improve the branding of your video chat experiences? 

Check out our support article.

Alternatively, get in touch with your Talkative Account Manager if you've got any specific questions. We're always happy to help. ‍

For more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes!

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