WhatsApp Messaging

February 9, 2022
Let your customers contact you over WhatsApp!

WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging app, and now you can use Talkative to let customers contact you with it!

When customers message your number over WhatsApp, an inbound chat will be routed based on your Talkative queue configuration and distributed to the right agent.

Agents can respond to customers in real-time, with messages, images and emojis supported.

Later iterations will support outbound messaging.

Who is using the feature?

There are a wide variety of use cases for WhatsApp, including:

• guest services at hotels

• lead generation for car dealerships

• secure contact for social workers and councils

• combining with chatbot capability for self service

How to use the feature?

The first iteration of WhatsApp is treated very similarly to web chat - you can chat back and forth with customers that contact you on an inbound basis.

This is handled through Talkative's agent console, as shown here for Mitel:

How to set up the feature?

Please contact Talkative to get WhatsApp enabled on your account.

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