White Label Talkative

Brand Talkative with your logo and color scheme 

For enterprise customers upon request, you can now re-skin Talkative with your brand’s color scheme and logo. 

Whether you’re looking to partner with Talkative as a white-label reseller or want to create a more on-brand employee experience, Talkative is fully flexible around you. Get in touch today to learn more. 

Project lead: Luke Morcom

We wanted our customers to be able to add their own unique touch to the Talkative platform. This update lets you customize Talkative to align with your brand’s identity.’

Examples of Talkative's white labelling

Below are a few examples of this new feature's capabilities:

Getting started 

Want to learn more about white labelling Talkative?

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Alternatively, new customers can book a demo to learn just how flexible Talkative is - both for your customers and your team alike.