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Formula 1 car on track

Press Release: Talkative partners with Formula 1®

Talkative News

Talkative have announced a long-term partnership with Formula 1® using customer contact technology to manage live chat interactions with over 500 million fans, improving support and user experience through Formula1.com and F1TV.

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Virtual agent chatting to customer
Live Chat and Chatbots

What is a Virtual Agent and what can it do for your Business?

Interested in adding a virtual agent to your contact centre? Confused about the difference between a virtual agent and a chatbot? Click here to discover what a virtual agent is and the benefits it can bring your business.

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Ways to keep business running during lockdown
Sales & Leads

UK lockdown: How to ensure your small business survives

Is your business struggling during UK lockdown? You aren’t alone! Discover five practical ways you can keep your business running and overcome some of the huge challenges faced by many businesses in multiple sectors right now.

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List of differences between Omnichannel & Multichannel

Omnichannel vs Multichannel: Key Differences You Need to Know

Omnichannel vs multichannel: what’s the difference? One focuses on customer engagement, the other focuses on customer experience. Discover the important differences between an omnichannel and multichannel strategy.

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Customer using HIPAA compliant live chat
Live Chat and Chatbots

How to Ensure a HIPAA Compliant Chat: A FULL Checklist

Is live chat HIPAA compliant? What features does web chat software need to make it a secure and appropriate platform to communicate with your clients? Read our complete compliance checklist to ensure your chat solution is HIPAA approved and compliant.

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Globe with 'hello' in different languages
Live Chat and Chatbots

How to Choose the Best Multilingual Live Chat

Looking for a multilingual live chat so you can support your international customers? Discover what features make a chat translator stand out and choose the best multilingual chat support for your customers.

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Orange phone

9 Ways Call Back can Immediately Benefit your Business

Want to generate more leads and provide great customer service whilst also reducing the demand on your contact centre? Customer callback is your answer! Discover how a callback option on your website can shorten wait times, generate leads, and create happier customers and agents.

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