Formula 1 car on track

Press Release: Talkative partners with Formula 1®

Talkative News

Talkative have announced a long-term partnership with Formula 1® using customer contact technology to manage live chat interactions with over 500 million fans.

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Faces of different customer types
Sales & Leads

12 Types of Customers [and How to Serve Them Best]

Wondering what types of customers are really visiting your site? Discover how to identify your customers' true needs and transform your digital strategy.

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Target and arrow with pound sign, chart, and graph
Customer Service

8 SMART Customer Service Goals [With Real Business Examples]

Are you tired of your customers going elsewhere? You need our list of SMART customer service goals - with real life business examples to educate and inspire.

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copy of chat transcript
Live Chat and Chatbots

Chat Transcripts 101: How to Offer Customers Chat Transcripts

Chat transcripts are a valuable copy of a live chat interaction between a customer and agent. Find out how to get them to your customers and improve the customer experience.

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WhatsApp Logo Padlock Key and EU Star

How to Make WhatsApp GDPR Compliant When Talking to Customers

Think WhatsApp is automatically GDPR compliant for businesses? Think again. Read more to learn about the steps you need to take to protect your customers' data.

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mobile video chat
Video chat

Contact Babel: Inner Circle Guide to Video & Next-Generation Customer Contact

Download Contact Babel's 'Inner Circle Guide to Video & Next-Generation Customer Contact' for free. Discover how video chat and new technologies can transform your contact centre.

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Lightbulb moment surrounded by digital customer experience icons
Customer Experience

5 Simple Tactics for Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy

To build the best strategy for your digital customer experience, you’ll need these tried and tested tactics. Read more and learn how to supercharge your CX!

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