MDU: “Very easy to use for all.”


The Medical Defence Union is the UK’s leading medical defence organization. With more doctors choosing the MDU for their indemnity than any other provider, the organization is renowned for the highest caliber of client support and guidance. 

However, the union’s popularity for its medico-legal services did provide the MDU with some issues: with its website bringing in extremely high volumes of enquiries and membership applications, the organization was struggling to keep up. Each application often required specialized advice and consultation, leading to long customer wait times and eventually a drop-off in membership applications. 

To combat these issues, the MDU wanted to adopt a platform that could enable straightforward and fast consultations with all applicants. 

They also needed a solution which would integrate with its existing Mitel systems, enabling its team to continue accepting phone and email queries without disruption. 

Finally, as an organziation that deals with both medical and legal issues, the MDU needed a solution that offered data security and privacy, as well as the necessary customer communications tools. 

Getting Talkative

To help the MDU meet its goals, Talkative guided a multifaceted approach to improving the digital application experience. 

With seamless integration into the MDU’s Mitel environment, the organization was first able to leverage live chat on all application pages. In turn, new applicants now had a direct contact method for seeking support. Meanwhile, the MDU’s advisors retained the ability to answer their Mitel interactions while concurrently handling Talkative chats - all on the same screen. 

At the same time, the MDU used Talkative’s cobrowse to enable navigational website support mid-interaction. This means that the MDU’s advisors could engage a new applicant via chat or call before securely viewing their current webpage should they need assistance. From there, the advisor could guide the applicant on-screen and in chat/conversation. This significantly reduced the risk of application drop-off by speeding up advisor handling times. 

Next, the MDU deployed Talkative’s Chatbot Advisor to reduce the load on their contact center. Designed to answer simple queries, this chatbot uses a mix of FAQs and NLP-powered intent recognition to free up agent time. 

However, to ensure that new applicants still receive the right kind of assistance when needed, Talkative’s chatbot comes with intelligent advisor hand-off. So now, if a customer needs human help, the MDU’s chatbot can recognise when it needs to hand off to a human advisor. 

Finally, to meet the MDU’s initial data security requirements, the company took advantage of Talkative’s variable data retention. With the ability to set how long data from interactions is stored within their database, the MDU was equipped to answer customer queries and meet their data security compliance requirements. 


Since deploying Talkative, the MDU has reduced application drop-off, minimized contact center load, and provided fast and straightforward assistance to their new applicants. 

Head of Membership Services Carl Nightingale had this to say: 

“What do we like best about Talkative? To be honest, it’s the whole solution. It's the ability to seamlessly integrate with our Mitel telephony was our initial attraction, as we wanted to be able to manage web chat and calls together in the same system. However, from the first discussion with Talkative, we knew it was going to give us so much more. Talkative as a company are very easy to work with, they are down to earth, open, and collaborative. Their solution has the bells and whistles you'd like as well, from being able to view which screen your customer is on to being able to live interact with that screen to name two of many. It’s also very easy to use for all; customers, agents and management which is a must in a busy environment. All in all, I would highly recommend Talkative as a company and web chat solution.”


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