MDU Case Study

MDU Talkative Case Study

Who are the MDU?

The Medical Defence Union ( MDU) is a nation-wide union who have been indemnifying doctors for incidents arising from their clinical care of patients since 1885.

As a renowned and prestigious membership organisation, and given the nature of their services, it is incredibly important that the MDU is able to offer it's members the highest calibre support across multiple contact channels, including their website. Improving the accessibility and availability of membership service agents was a priority, and with their website being a primary source of information for their members, they wanted a solution which would enable clear and fast communication between members and agents whilst reducing wait times and contact centre backlogs.

The problem

The MDU receives a high volume of enquiries through the website, particularly around membership applications which can be complex to deal with. With applicants needing specialised help with the application process, the membership services team was struggling to keep up, leading to longer customer wait times and a drop-off in membership applications.

They needed a solution which would integrate with with existing Mitel systems and help their member services team handle application enquiries more efficiently, to reduce resolution times and increase member application completions.

The solution

The MDU began using Talkative's live chat and cobrowsing solution across their application pages on their website. A benefit of working with Talkative is the ability to integrate easily with their Mitel telephony and email systems. This provides agents with the ability to manage workflows and interactions efficiently through a centralised dashboard.

Live chat is an effective tool for the membership services team to handle quick enquiries efficiently, which helps alleviate pressure and reduce resolution rates. For more complex issues, Talkative's cobrowsing solution can be used in conjunction with live chat or phone calls to give agents an accurate render of the web page the customer is on in real time, with the ability to share navigation, annotate the page and fill out forms when permission is granted by the customer. This makes it easier to solve application enquiries whilst providing a better experience, as it removes explanation time and agents can  fill out complex sections of the application for customers.

As a medio-legal organisation, the MDU is classified as both a financial services and healthcare organisation. As such, security and records are incredibly high priority. Another benefit for the MDU is Talkative's variable data retention, which allows the MDU to set how long data from interactions is stored within the cloud database.

Talkative is able to integrate seamlessly into existing Mitel telephony systems, which gives the MDU agents the ability to manage workflows from different channels in one place.

Talkative digital contact channels

"Talkative as a company are very easy to work with, they are down to earth, open and collaborative. Their solution has the bells and whistles you'd like as well, from being able to view which screen your customer is on to being able to live interact with that screen to name two of many. It's also very easy to use for all; customers, agents and management which is a must in a busy environment. All in all i would highly recommend Talkative as a company and webchat solution. Use them, you won't regret it."

- Head of Membership Services Operations, MDU

The result

Since using Talkative on their application pages, the MDU has seen a reduction in web-related phone enquiries and is confident that application drop-off is reducing. Given this success, they are looking to roll out the solution across more areas of their website to assist more customers and increase their membership base.

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