Enhanced Sentiment Analysis

July 6, 2022
Drill down into both customer and agent sentiment like never before.

You can now gain a far greater overview of both your customers and agents’ live chat sentiment - all thanks to Talkative’s updated Sentiment Analysis feature! 

With this latest update, you now have the power to review three different sentiment analysis average scores, all accessible from a variety of areas within the product that were chosen to suit your needs best. 

These include a user average score, a customer average score, and an overall interaction score - available in Talkative’s Analytics section, the Interaction Logs, and even in Talkative’s Chat Monitoring window!

However you customize your approach to sentiment analysis, these updates mean you can get a greater understanding of your customers’ satisfaction, sentiment, and attitude, as well the ways in which your agents greet and serve the visitors on your website. 

Couple this update with Talkative’s recent Analytics Bulletin Email feature, and you’ll have the power to keep a consistent view of your contact center performance, all without any additional work.

Increased visibility that leads to improved performance

Until recently, Talkative’s Sentiment Analysis feature allowed you a useful but narrow insight into the general sentiments used by both agents and customers during live chat interactions.

But thanks to this latest update, you now have more analytical power at your fingertips than ever before!

How? By giving you the ability to view critical sentiment data from a variety of locations. Let’s take a quick look at each. 

Improved Analytics 

First up, this Sentiment Analysis update gives you greater access to more data sources - thanks to the customer and agent insights you’re now able to review. 

It means you’ve got much more flexibility when reviewing and creating graphs in Talkative’s Analytics section. 

Try mixing and matching to examine your contact center’s performance, or take things a step further by analyzing this data in contrast to your positive and negative interaction ratings!

Updated Interaction Logs

You can now access key information within the Talkative Interaction Log when viewing specific interactions too. 

This means that you can study interaction sentiment in isolation, giving you a stronger understanding of how each interaction progressed.

Chat Monitoring in real time

Finally, you can now access an average sentiment overview score within the Chat Monitoring sections of the platform too - all in real time!

It means you can review and act on your contact center performance with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you’re supported by clear, actionable data. 

Coming soon

On top of all the added functionalities above, the scope and ability of Talkative’s Supervisor Dashboard is only going to grow. 

From adding dashboard sentiment scores and SLAs, to incorporating future sentiment updates to voice and video channels, we’ll make sure to keep you updated on the most important Supervisor Dashboard developments to come!

Getting started

To get started with the new feature, check out our support article.

And for more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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