GenAI Chatbot

January 10, 2024
Delight your customers with accurate Generative AI responses.

All Talkative customers can now leverage our GPT-powered Generative AI Chatbot.

We all know how frustrating contact centre chatbots can be. At the same time, we know how great ChatGPT is at answering our questions. 

Well, what if you could provide a ChatGPT-like experience for your chatbot users? 

This is the question we sought to answer with our new GenAI Chatbot.

Integrate with your knowledge base

Talkative’s GenAI Chatbot can answer customer queries with highly accurate and human-like responses, based on your company’s pre-approved AI knowledge base.

You can create these AI-powered support bots in minutes and deploy them across your website, app, and messaging channels.

With a GenAI chatbot automating an increasing number of interactions and data collection, your agents will have more time for complex cases and high-value interactions.

It means you can optimise automated support and improve the customer experience your human agents provide.

‍Reap the rewards of LLM technology

Talkative’s GenAI Chatbot is powered by the latest Large Language Model (LLM) technology.

At a high level, the system works by using generative AI and your knowledge base dataset to respond to a customer’s question. 

Its outputs are based solely on the information you give it during the set-up phase (e.g. your website URLs and knowledge base resources). This means the AI will only respond if it has the relevant information.

To create a GenAI bot, you have to start by setting up your knowledge base within the Talkative platform. 

This can be done in just a few clicks by importing the appropriate dataset or knowledge base you want the AI to learn from. 

This would typically be your customer-facing website but could also include PDFs/files, internal documents, support articles, spreadsheets, etc.

From there, when a customer asks the bot a question, the system uses AI and the knowledge base information to reply. 

If the AI cannot find a suitable answer within the knowledge base, the system will advise the customer accordingly and hand off to a human agent.

Leverage Generative AI with ease

The GenAI bot is currently available as part of Talkative’s Chatbot Builder

This makes deploying GenAI in your contact centre easy, with no technical expertise required. 

It also means you can utilise generative AI alongside a traditional “decision tree” bot design, giving you ultimate flexibility and the best of both approaches to automation.

Other key benefits of the GenAI chatbot include:

  • User-friendly set-up process
  • Fast creation and maintenance of AI knowledge bases using your website and/or knowledge base documents
  • Easy creation of chatbot flows within Talkative’s Chatbot Builder
  • A more humanised and conversational experience for customers 
  • Seamless escalation to human agents when needed
  • Ability to use as a standalone or integrated into CRMs (e.g. Salesforce) or contact centres (e.g. Mitel/Genesys)
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Future developments & getting started

Going forward, our team will continue to make the Talkative GenAI Chatbot even more advanced - so you can expect the addition of extra features and UI improvements as it develops. 

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