Microsoft Teams Integration

August 4, 2022
Engage your digital customers with Talkative and Teams - all within a single dashboard.

Microsoft Teams has become ubiquitous. It provides a framework for the workflows of countless brands and businesses.

It’s why we’ve launched a full Microsoft Teams integration, connecting Teams with Talkative’s real-time engagement capabilities.

It means you can bring all digital customer conversations into your Teams infrastructure, empowering your brand advisors to deliver a superior customer experience - all within a single screen.

Premium customer engagement within the world of Teams

Thanks to this recent update, you can embed Talkative’s complete digital customer engagement console into Microsoft Teams.

As a result, you’ll be able to utilize all the features and benefits of the Talkative platform, within the Teams world. 

On top of that, this integration also includes presence syncing across both Talkative and Teams.  

So, if a customer advisor is busy with a Talkative interaction, their Teams status will automatically update to inform their colleagues. 

Meanwhile, if an advisor starts speaking to a supervisor in Teams, their Talkative availability status will update too. 

This gives everyone in your business a clearer indication of each others’ current availability. 

Unify your workflow, notifications, and dashboard

The great thing about this integration is that it allows you to manage customer interactions and internal conferencing within a unified dashboard.

That means conversations with both your colleagues and your customers are always easily and readily accessible - there’s no need to jump between multiple platforms.

This improves efficiency, team communication, and your overall customer service. 

For example, say one of your customer advisors is handling a Talkative live chat and needs to confirm something with a colleague before answering the customer. 

With this integration, they can effortlessly send their query to their teammate and get the answers they need for the client - without switching back and forth between conversations.

What’s more, you’ll only have one set of notifications making your workflow smoother and easier to manage.

Everything you need for business success and exceptional service will be at your fingertips - and all within a single pane of glass. 

Getting started 

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