Supervisor Dashboard Time Travel

July 6, 2022
Revisit past dates and interactions for a complete historical overview of your contact center.

You can now send your Talkative Supervisor Dashboard back in time, providing you with the full historical context of all your previous interactions.

It means you’ll be able to revisit and review your contact center statistics and performance like never before. 

With the ability to travel back to any specific moment, you’re all the more equipped to prepare your contact center for any upcoming challenge. 

Previous to this new release, the Talkative Supervisor Dashboard only showed a real-time view.

And while the Interaction Logs and Analytics sections of the platform proved very useful for analyzing aggregate performance, we saw the opportunity to create something new. 

A feature that’s unseen with any other customer communications platforms: the ability to take your whole dashboard back in time! 

Rather than view single interactions in isolation or grouped interactions through high level metrics alone, you can now review key information as if you were really there. 

You can supervise historically, as well as in the moment, leading to stronger future decisions and performance for you and your team. 

For Takative’s Salesforce and standalone customers, Supervisor Dashboard Time Travel is available now, with Mitel support soon to follow. 

Gain historical context as if you were really there

Reviewing historical data in the past used to mean making an educated guess. 

If there was a staffing level or queuing incident you needed to review, you were stuck sifting through individual interactions. 

Now, you’ve got a precise overview of what actually happened. 

If agents were offline when they shouldn’t have been, you can see. 

If a surge of chats came through at a certain time, you can see that too. 

Whatever the issue, Supervisor Dashboard can help take you to the moment where you’re needed most. 

Time travel to the minute

Talkative’s new update allows you to travel back to a precise, to-the-minute time. 

Useful for analytic insights, problem solving, and making adjustments for future workloads, you’ll never play any guessing games about any of your interactions ever again. 

What’s more, you can even compare different time periods with ease, examining your data against different periods for maximum insight.

And finally, you can top off this deep insight by seamlessly taking your research from the dashboard to the interaction level - thanks to Talkative’s Interaction Logs

Secure back then, secure now

While we wanted to grant as much flexibility as possible with this new feature, we also wanted to create a time travel function that continued to demonstrate Talkative’s dedication to security and privacy. 

It’s why the new update works to adhere to your data retention policy settings. 

So, despite giving you more flexibility than ever before, Personal Identifiable Information is precluded from the time travel view, keeping your customer data safe.

Nevertheless, you can still head back to any date and time and learn of the contact channel method and interaction statistics, without compromising data like customer names, email addresses, or phone numbers. 

It means you’ve got enough all-seeing power to benefit your contact center - but not enough to get you in trouble!

Getting started

To get started with this new feature, you can head over to the Supervisor Dashboard via the below link: 


Note: In the above address, * equates to eu, au, or us, depending on your region. 

To start the Time Travel function, click the hourglass icon in the top right corner, as seen below. 

Note: Accessible data within the Supervisor Dashboard Time Travel is backdated from the present to January 31st, 2022. Any data prior to this date is not available. 

For any other queries, please visit the newly updated Supervisor Dashboard support article. 

Alternatively, get in touch with your Talkative Account Manager. We're always happy to help!

‍And for more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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