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February 9, 2022
Create widgets effortlesly with a no-code builder.

Redesigned around your needs

Talkative’s new widget has been re-built from scratch with a ‘mobile-first’ design for improved user experience. The pre-interaction phase is infinitely customisable with options for text, buttons, images, videos, and more. Nudges allow you to further customise the experience based on the website visitor’s behaviour. 

Stay on brand with a no code builder

An intuitive visual “no-code” editor lets you refine every aspect of your design with no coding skills required. Easily build out everything from pre-chat forms to nudges in the same place, and deploy automated customer-facing messages like average waiting times, open and close times, and much more. Changes are shown in real-time with a live update preview - you can even start interactions to refine the end-to-end flow. All changes can be made live without having to change any code on your website.

Set your own rules with advanced routing.

URL rules let you decide which widget design you want to show on each part of your website. You can also provide different queue and contact options, so you can use the context of the website journey to connect visitors with the right person at the right time. 

See your customers' smile with an improved video experience.

Easily deploy video chat as a direct contact option or escalate from web chat. The new widget massively improves the user experience of video chat, particularly on mobile.

Streamline the customer journey with reimagined cobrowse

The cobrowse feature has also been completely re-built from scratch to provide faster, smoother co-navigation that allows you to solve problems that much more easily. 

Increase leads with easy web callback deployment.

Easily generate web callbacks on key pages to generate leads by making it easy for your prospective customers to get on the phone with you.

As light as a feather

Load time is everything for websites and every kilobyte counts if you want to please users and Google. Talkative’s new scripts are under 100KB, which is significantly less than other leading chat providers.  

“Since the start of Talkative we’ve learnt two valuable lessons from deploying our product to organisations. The first is that every organisation wants a different way of interacting with their website visitors. Their chat/video/cobrowse solution needs to be consistent with their brand and customer contact goals. Our initial approach was building customer engagement widgets using bespoke code to provide solutions fit for purpose. However the second thing we’ve learned is that writing code is a slow, complex way of deploying a customer contact system. People expect software products to be easy-to-use and fast-to-deploy. So we decided a year ago to build something truly unique that would give us the best of both worlds - an infinitely customisable digital engagement widget that can be deployed in minutes and maintained by any user without code or professional support.”

Felix & Jakub, Co-Founders

Who is using the features?

The new chat widget has already been deployed by over half of Talkative's clients, including retailers, automotive brands, financial services and government organisations.

How to use the feature?

Simply hit the "Chat Widget" menu item and you can create your own widget from here.

How do we set up the feature?

Simply hit the "chat widget" menu item and you can create your own widget from here. If you have a new Talkative account this will already be enabled, but if you have an older account you will need to go to Company Manager -> Manage Company Configs -> New Customer Scripts = Enabled

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