Enable face-to-face conversations with video calling

Create virtual in-store experiences for your customers regardless of their location with video calling
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Bravissimo use video calling to offer personalised fitting consultations to online customers

Why video calling?

There is nothing that compares with in-person service, but increasingly more of your customer are choosing to use a website than visit in store.

Video calling presents a solution to that problem, allowing agents are able to provide customers with real-time face to face experiences through the website, which before were only possible in physical environments.

Whether it's humanising a shopping experience or removing the need for unnecessary travel, it's now easier than ever to build a human connection through your website, in a fast, convenient and enjoyable way. In addition, agents can focus almost entirely on the individual needs of the customer, to maximise their experience and facilitate brand loyalty.

Fully embedded into your website

  • HD quality video embedded with just 3 lines of code
  • No plugins, downloads or separate applications required
  • Escalate from chat or voice as required
  • Works on any type of website
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Easy to set-up and use

  • Agents remain in control of the process, making video offers to the customer
  • Quickly switch between 1 and 2 way live video assistance at the click of a button
  • Integrates with existing telephony and contact centre systems, or use standalone
  • Easily transfer interactions to your colleagues

Deploy as standalone and be up and running in days

The Talkative solution allows you to manage all website interactions from our sophisticated Engage platform, enabling you to offer your customers a fast, efficient contact channel which also elevates their online experience. You can also connect the Talkative Engage platform with your existing telephony setup, so your agents can manage web calls and call backs as normal phone calls.

Our browser-based console is designed to be a complete homeworking solution. With remote deployment anywhere in the world, we can get you up and running in a matter of days.

"We love that our agents have the ability to handle web chats and video calls with customers with ease. That level of integration was what we wanted, and Talkative enabled and delivered that to us very successfully."

Ian Murphy, IT Manager

Mitel contact centre integration

  • Assign Talkative interaction capabilities to agents
  • Single reporting stream within contact centre analytics
  • Queueing and routing performed by contact centre
  • Escalate web chat into a call in the same session
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CRM integration

  • Seamless integration with existing Salesforce analytics tools
  • Can handle multiple clients simultaneously within an existing Salesforce session
  • Secure communication with end-to-end encryption
  • Escalate live chat into voice, video or cobrowsing within the same session
  • Interaction history is sent to the Salesforce API and appended to an existing contact
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Bravissimo use video calling to provide remote customers with tailored fitting consultations and personal shopping experiences

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