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Engage your digital customers 

in real-time


Deliver human CX enhanced by AI

Deliver 1-1 video chat that’s purpose-built for a more human customer experience. Offer alone or alongside chat, cobrowse, and more.

Keep track of agent performance with tools like drag-and-drop supervisor dashboards, internal messaging, chat/video monitoring, intelligent alerts, and much more.

Easy to use with enterprise-ready flexibility: infinite widget design capabilities, granular reporting, customer success support, and more.

The tool is incredibly intuitive,
making it easy for our team.”

AI enhanced live chat

Equip your team with the enhanced chat tools they need to engage and support. Available on your website, app, and social channels.

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Instant 1-1 video calls

Set your brand apart from the competition, give your sales team superpowers, and spark true customer delight - all with 1-1 video chat.

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Guide the customer journey

Help your customers navigate your site in real-time and securely share screens, click, draw, highlight, and more.

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Automatic customer assistance

Equip your team with the enhanced chat tools they need to convert your high-value customers. Available on your website, app, and social channels.

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Meet your customers where they are

Engage customers on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS/MMS, and more - including mass outbound capabilities.

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Capture leads on autopilot

Embed a web callback widget and transform web traffic into leads by connecting with customers when it suits them.

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“We are so proud to be able to offer this personal service to our guests.”

Use cases

How customers use Talkative

Video sales

Up to 30% increase in average order value

Offer video, screenshare, and cobrowse experiences to convert customers.

Digital self-service

Up to 50% self-service attainment

Deploy AI chatbots to guide customers and triage common queries.

Salesforce integration

Up to 20% decrease in handle time

Seamlessly embed any channel into Salesforce.

Sensitive advice

Human advice, delivered securely

Deliver secure and private video/chat interactions.

Web callbacks

Up to 20% 
lead increase

Invite customers to leave their details and trigger an outbound call.

Video kiosks

Add video to physical locations

Offer video chat from your kiosks or trigger from chat.

“Talkative’s chat solution massively improves our online experience.”


Powerful Integrations

Use Talkative standalone, or integrate into your contact center / CRM. Need an integration? Let’s talk.

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“Having worked in IT for nearly 20 years, I can honestly say that Talkative is one of the best partners.”
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