Automate the most powerful customer experience with Dialogflow CX

Here’s how Talkative can create an advanced chatbot that can respond to complex issues faster and more accurately than any other virtual agent.

Deliver intelligent global service with Talkative - 24/7

Google’s Dialogflow CX is a no-code virtual agent designer created for enterprise organizations with more complex customer journeys. 

With the Talkative Dialogflow CX integration, we can build an on-brand Virtual Advisor to serve your customers across your website, app, and social media/messaging channels. 

Utilizing a visual flow editor, Dialogflow CX allows us to create a sophisticated AI chatbot that can help your agents in a variety of situations. 

In turn, your chatbot can automate intelligent customer service in any number of settings - without needing a human agent’s involvement. 

It means you can automate your most common and repetitive queries. Meanwhile, your agents can engage, sell, and serve the high-value customers that need help most.

Deploy the most advanced chatbot for complex customer issues

Dialogflow CX helps large-scale organizations provide the most sophisticated AI service possible.

Unlike more basic automation, Dialogflow CX handles human conversational detours with fewer escalations to human live chat agents. 

This means a Talkative chatbot built in Dialogflow CX can easily switch between topics and handle supplemental queries. 

What’s more, the Talkative Dialogflow CX integration allows us to create a chatbot that delivers intelligent advice and assistance across a range of channels, including your website, app, social media, and even messaging channels like WhatsApp and SMS

However you want to implement a chatbot, Talkative can help advise and create a bot that’ll best meet your customers’ needs. 

In turn, your bot can solve a range of complex challenges across a range of channels - without any extra work for you or your team. 

Getting started

Want to use AI to increase efficiency across your contact teams and solve large-scale problems? 

For new customers, book your personalized demo below. We can discuss creating an AI chatbot that can comprehend and respond to your customers with all the nuances of human language. 

For current customers looking to integrate a Dialogflow CX chatbot, contact your Talkative Account Manager today. 

For organizations looking to solve more basic customer queries, explore our Dialogflow ES integration now. 

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