Automate your most repetitive interactions with Dialogflow ES

Here’s how Talkative creates a chatbot that triages your most repetitive queries and frees up agent time.

Deliver global customer service with Talkative - 24/7

Google’s Dialogflow ES is a natural language understanding module that can be used to create a chatbot that automates customer service interactions.

With the Talkative Dialogflow ES integration, we can create an on-brand Virtual Advisor to serve your customers across your website, app, and social media/messaging channels.

Utilizing a no-code, intent-based editor, Dialogflow ES allows us to create a triage chatbot that handles your customers’ most repetitive queries. 

In turn, your chatbot can deliver contextual, automatic customer service without needing a human agent’s involvement. 

So, while your Dialogflow chatbot takes care of the repetitive, low-value queries, your agents can engage, sell, and serve the customers that need help most.

Answer queries, access orders, and make appointments across every channel

Our Dialogflow ES integration allows Talkative to create a chatbot that instantly fulfills a variety of basic user requests. 

It means you can automate interactions, free-up agent time, and improve customer satisfaction with faster responses. 

What’s more, these efficient interactions can take place across your website, your app, social media, and even messaging channels like WhatsApp and SMS

However you want to implement a chatbot, Talkative can help advise and create a bot that’ll best meet your customers’ needs. 

In turn, you’ll provide the most flexible customer experience possible - without extra work for you or your team. 

Getting started

Want to improve your customer service standards and give your agents a helping hand? 

For new customers, book your personalized demo below. We can discuss creating an NLP chatbot that can understand and solve your customers’ most common issues.

For current customers looking to integrate a Dialogflow ES chatbot, contact your Talkative Account Manager today.