Transform MiContact Center Enterprise into a more powerful omnichannel solution

Integrate enhanced digital contact channels like live chat, chatbot, video, social messaging, and cobrowse into MiCC Enterprise.

Give your agents advanced omnichannel capabilities - without leaving MiCC Enterprise

With Talkative's advanced omnichannel capabilities, you can give your agents an enhanced set of tools that go far beyond MiContact Center Enterprise's initial offering.

At the same time, you can enjoy seamless agent management and unified reporting - all thanks to the an integration via the Open Media API. 

It means that your agents can work dynamically within MiCC Enterprise, while you gain real-time intelligence - without having to leave the Mitel environment.

Featuring enhanced live chat to video, cobrowse, and more, Talkative is the MiCC E engagement layer that allows you to provide instant, superior service.

Meanwhile, your agents can handle all interactions in the same place, whether via your website, telephony systems, or email.

Smooth integrations, fast deployments

With years of experience deploying Mitel contact center integrations, Talkative understands how to seamlessly connect the most intelligent contact channels with your current system.

Like our integration with MiContact Centre Business, Talkative can bring enhanced live chat, video, cobrowse, and more into Enterprise with agile deployment and low overheads - benefiting both you and your customers.

Getting started

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