Mitel Contact Centre Integration

Service customers more efficiently with sophisticated live chat, voice, video and cobrowsing, all delivered into MiCC and Ignite

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Seamless Mitel integration

Talkative helps you provide exceptional online customer service, while leveraging your existing contact centre workflows.

The only pure-play live chat solution to offer native integration into the MiContact Centre (MiCC) platforms.

Make agents more efficient

  • Manage chats, calls and emails in a single inbox
  • Single reporting stream within Mitel analytics
  • Single pane of glass for agents
  • Queueing and routing performed by Mitel
  • Create blended, dynamic agent workloads

Simple, flexible deployment

  • Deploy easily via copy/paste code or Google Tag Manager
  • Use nudges to proactively engage website visitors
  • Configure UI to match your website branding
  • Map contact options to online user journeys

Advanced functionality

  • Handle multiple concurrent chats and preview messages
  • See the customer's journey and previous interactions
  • Translate messages in real time
  • Escalate to cobrowse, voice and video
  • Understand user behaviour with Google Analytics
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Bravissimo, one of the UK's top retailers, provides the highest standards of customer service by bringing a personal in-store experience to an online environment.

By integrating Talkative into Mitel contact centre, Bravissimo has seen a huge number of improvements including 60% increase in interactions and reduction in chat abandonment rates to just over 6%.

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Solution capability

Enhance your Mitel Contact Centre (MiCC) with Talkative’s digital customer service functionality
Chat with customers on your website in real time

Get the features of a pure-play chat solution, with all the benefits of a fully integrated omni-channel contact centre. Chats are queued and routed by MiCC and handled by agents in Web Ignite.

Bring voice calls into your online journey

Web calling lets your website visitors place a call into your phone systems using their browser. Offer a convenient free call to boost leads, or escalate from chat into a call for a seamless service experience.

Talkative's web calling allows your customers to call you from within your website/app with just one click. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads are required, as web calls enter your existing Mitel telephony infrastructure.

Drive sales calls at the convenience of your customers

Web call backs help you drive more calls from sales focused web pages. The call back feature dials your agent first, then dials the customer when the agent is ready.

Web call back requests are added to the queue and can be picked up or assigned to different departments and agents efficiently. The customers data is logged within the system for speedy call backs.

Use cobrowsing to guide your customers

Securely view how your customer is interacting with your website in real time. Annotate and assist their session to reduce call times and provide an unparalleled digital service experience.

Use cobrowsing with your customers to see, understand and solve their problems in real time. Join customers as they navigate through your website and get an accurate render of the customer's view.

Provide face to face support with video

Use video to provide in-depth support to customers face to face, as if you were in person, within your contact centre environment.

WebRTC based video calling
allows your customers to start video calls into your contact centre from within your website or app. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads are required and you can engage in a one or two way video call with your customer.

Chat management

Enhance your Mitel Contact Centre (MiCC) with Talkative’s digital customer service functionality. MiCC lets you route Talkative interactions using Mitel’s routing engine, handle interactions within Ignite, and even report on Talkative within Mitel.

Sophisticated live chat helps manage chat volumes and allows you to escalate chats into web calls. Convenient web calling drives more queries to your agents. Cobrowsing and screensharing helps to resolve customer issues and reduce call times. Talkative also provides the ability for WebRTC powered video calling giving the ability for highly personalised, face-to-face communication.

Mitel Integration FAQs

How do agents receive video calls?

Video is accessed by the Talkative browser-based console. MiCC automatically screenpops the video console on receiving the voice element of the call.

How do agents receive web calls?

Web calls are answered by agents in the same way as normal inbound calls. The Talkative webcall is received by the MBG as a SIP call, then routed through the MCD to a queue or an agent extension. Existing call recording and routing can be used. Webcalls are reported on as normal inbound calls.

How does Talkative's licencing work?

The Talkative solution is licensed on a per-concurrent agent basis. The cloud hosted service is charged on an annually recurring subscription model. Please contact us for exact pricing and on-premise deployment options. Professional Services are available.

Which Mitel licences do I need?

You will need the right number of MultiMedia agent licences to access Talkative within Ignite.

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