Mitel Contact Centre Integration

Boost service & efficiency by embedding video, voice, enhanced chat and cobrowsing into MiCC and Web Ignite.
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Mitel solutions partner live chat

Go beyond voice with enhanced chat, AI, cobrowse and video chat

  • Enhanced web chat with dynamic canned messages, real-time translation, PCI compliance, AI chatbot integration, and more

  • Cobrowse and screenshare to increase first contact resolution

  • Meet customers virtually with video chat embedded into your website

  • Social media messaging integrations - including chatbots!

Leverage existing workflows with seamless MiCC integration

  • Bring chat, video and cobrowse into Web Ignite to create a single pane of glass for agents

  • Unify reporting within Mitel to understand and manage all contact channels

  • Create blended, dynamic agent workloads with real-time intelligence and agent performance tracking.

Mitel solutions partner live chat
Mitel solutions partner live chat

Maintain a single view of the customer across channels

  • Identify returning customers with case history and interaction history for a holistic view of the customer

  • See the customer journey and see authentication details and session context, e.g. account ID or basket contents

  • Lookup customer data and integrate into existing CRM systems

  • Understand user behaviour and uncover trends with Google Analytics integration

On-Brand Real-Time Website Engagement

  • Highly configurable interface to suit your brand and website goals,
    including a no-code chat widget builder and customer queue
    management messages.

  • Create rules to trigger appropriate contact at the right time

  • Deploy easily via copy/paste code or Google Tag Manager

  • Dedicated technical team for seamless deployments

  • Embed into your native iOS/Android mobile app

Mitel solutions partner live chat
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By integrating Talkative into Mitel, Bravissimo has seen a huge number of improvements, including 60% increase in interactions, 75% increase in agent utilisation and reduction in chat abandonment rates by 70%.

Solution capability

Your all-in-one solution for real-time customer engagement
Pure-play live chat functionality
  • Handle multiple chats side-by-side for efficient contact handling

  • Preview the customer's message

  • Real-time translation into 100+ languages

  • See the customer's journey and current page

  • Leverage canned messages and in-queue messaging

  • Identify returning website visitors and block nuisance chatters

  • Escalate to cobrowse, voice, video or screenshare

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Google-powered virtual agent chatbot
  • Simple & fast deployment - get up and running in hours

  • Build out decision trees to automate and triage basic questions

  • Hand-off to a live agent queue in Mitel when rules are met

  • A 24/7 service option that learns over time

Virtual agent interaction
Live video chat, in your website
  • Escalate from chat or go straight into voice & video calling

  • Go full screen, 1 or 2-way video, flip cameras

  • Works on all devices including smartphones

  • No plugins, downloads, popups or apps required

  • Global low-latency architecture, HD-quality video

  • Record video chat sessions for compliance

Example of video chat on mobile
Use cobrowsing to guide your customers
  • Securely view how your customer is interacting with your website in real time

  • Annotate and assist the customer's session to reduce call times and provide an unparalleled digital service experience

  • Mask out sensitive elements and keep an audit trail to keep your website compliant

  • Use screenshare to diagnose and solve issues, or share local files and applications

Screenshot of cobrowsing
Bring WhatsApp messaging into your contact centre
  • Use the world's number 1 messaging platform to reach 2 billion users

  • Seamless integration with conversations managed as chat interactions

  • Supports messages, emojis, images

  • Configure welcome messages and business hours settings

  • Handle multiple sessions simultaneously and deploy social media chatbots
    as triage.

All your contact channels in one system

MiCC lets you route Talkative interactions using Mitel’s routing engine, handle interactions within Ignite, and report on chat, cobrowse and video within Mitel.

The most successful customer care teams take an omnichannel approach - where your systems are truly integrated and you maintain a single view of the customer.

Together, Talkative and Mitel lets you manage customer interactions from website, telephony and email in the same place.

Talkative Engage agent dashboard analytics live chat management

Mitel Integration FAQs

Does this mean two sets of reports?

The beauty of the MiCC integration is that Talkative interactions are reported on within MiCC, i.e. Web Ignite and Contact Centre Client.

How do agents receive video chats?

Video chats are answered by agents in the same way as normal inbound chats and calls. The Talkative video chat is routed through MiCC to a queue as an ACD interaction.

How does Talkative's licencing work?

The Talkative solution is licensed on a per-concurrent agent basis. Please contact us or your Mitel channel partner for  pricing and deployment instructions.

Which Mitel licences do I need?

You will need to be on MiCCB 9.0 or higher, plus agents will need Multimedia licences to enable the Open Media API.

For MiCC Enterprise users, there are no licence requirements other than the latest updates available.

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