What is Click to Call & What are its Top 5 Benefits?

Felix Winstone
June 2, 2021
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Click to Call
Felix Winstone

Customers like being able to contact companies easily. It builds trust and customer loyalty. Click to call is one of the easiest ways customers can directly contact an organisation; requiring just one click of a button, it’s fast and free. 

Here we take a deeper look into how click to call technology works, and five reasons why it’s extremely beneficial to implement on your website. 

What is click to call?

Click to call is a way of offering real-time communication between a customer and customer support agent through a website. In literal terms, a customer clicks a button and is connected with a customer service agent. 

There are actually three ways click to call can work:

  1. Click to request a callback - in this function of click to call, a customer clicks a ‘request a call’ button and enters their phone number. The request and phone number are sent to the customer support team. An agent dials the provided number to call the customer on their phone. This type of callback can either be made immediately, or companies can allow customers to select a preferred time. 
  1. VoIP click to call - this is the version of click to call that’s known as a webcall. Using WebRTC technology, a customer can click a button on a website and be directly connected to a customer support agent using their computer’s inbuilt microphone and speaker. This version is a full web based call with no phone involved. 
  1. Click to call on a smartphone - when a customer clicks a call button on their mobile, it triggers a normal phone call from their phone. While this still only requires one action from the customer, it is not a WebRTC based call but a phone based call. 
3 types of click to call

What are the benefits of click to call?

Click to call is changing the face of customer communication. Allowing customers to contact you through your website can increase conversions and customer satisfaction, and help you deliver exceptional customer service. 

Here are five ways adding click to call to your website will benefit your business.

1. Improve customer segmentation and engagement

It's important to target the right customer at the right time. Anybody can dial a regular telephone number, but click to call allows you to intelligently segment your customers. 

For example, you can direct calls from certain web pages to a specific department to best serve the customer’s needs. This will allow issues and queries to be solved quicker, resulting in more satisfied customers. 

Intelligent engagement rules also let you optimise proactive contact. Setting up parameters, such as length of time on a website or the items in a basket, can allow you to trigger a click to call pop up, encouraging customers to get in touch so you can guide them towards the desired end result.  The more data you have, the more selective you can be. In this way, click to call is the ultimate funnel optimisation tool.

2. Gather more customer journey data

Tracking click to call interactions is much easier than tracking phone calls as you know what web page customers have called you from! This sounds very simple, but gathering this data can be very powerful for customer journey mapping purposes and empowering your agents.

  • Customer journey mapping - knowing where your customers call you from can highlight sticking points on your website. For example, if the data shows a lot of customers click to call on one specific page, it suggests the information on that page is not very clear. With this knowledge, you can optimise the copy, visuals and UX of the page to improve the customer journey. 
  • Empower your agents - the more data you gather and provide your agents with, the more effective and productive they can be. With click to call, agents can see what web page a customer is calling from, which can give them vital context to solve the customer’s problem. This extra information can streamline the interaction, making agents more effective at solving problems and improving first time resolution rates. 

3. Increase customer contact and conversions

Click to call is a very effective tool for getting customers to get in touch with you. In fact, 88% of customers are more likely to initiate contact if there is a click to call option on a website. 

And what does more contact mean? More conversions! Customers like fast and effective customer service and often a friendly webcall that helps solve a problem can convince an undecided customer to choose your company over your competitors. 

Moreover, calls allow agents to do their job, which is to help customers but to also sell your product. Click to call interactions have a conversion rate of between 5% and 25% (depending on the industry), which on average is 4 times higher than pure online conversions. 

4. Provide superior service by going beyond voice

A traditional phone call is limited to just a voice interaction. By comparison, a fully web based click to call exchange can be easily escalated to other contact channels, such as live chat, video call, and cobrowsing

This seamless transition allows agents to best serve customers and offer a superior customer experience, increasing first time resolution rates, conversions and customer satisfaction. 

These extra contact channels can transform your customer journey. First, customers can contact you through your website through one simple click. Then, depending on the request and customer’s need, this interaction can be escalated to a different contact channel, again in just one simple click. 

5. Save money and increase return

As well as the increased benefits from a customer standpoint, click to call also has many monetary benefits.

First, pure webcalls are cheaper than phone calls. You don’t need to pay for a traditional phone line or the associated toll charges. 

Second, as we have mentioned, click to call is a very effective tool in increasing contact and conversions. As a result, it has a very high Return on Investment (ROI). In fact, according to Forrester Research, click to call technology increases ROI by 143% on average!

Finally, web click to call makes it easier and cheaper for international customers to contact you. Every customer can contact you through the same button, without the need to pay for international calling charges. 

How to add click to call to your website

Taking advantage of all the benefits click to call provides is easy. It's simple technology that can be swiftly embedded into your website and integrated with your CRM and existing inbound calling systems (such as queues and routing). Book a demo with Talkative today to get started.

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