How Website Communications Can Help You Future-Proof Your Contact Centre

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April 16, 2020
Contact Centre

At a time where we are separated from friends and family, and our routines have been completely turned on their heads, it’s important to ensure that we still prioritise human connection. A physical distance doesn’t need to create a distance in human communication, in many cases, it is more valuable than ever. In fact, in order to keep close with loved ones, we are seeing a huge spike in video calls through apps like FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom, as people do their best to remain close during this period of separation. 

But social communication isn’t the only form of contact people need day to day: people still need to communicate with businesses and organisations. With many businesses still open for business, albeit online or remotely, high calibre customer service and human interaction is still needed, and customer expectations are as high as ever. But how can businesses ensure they provide exceptional service to their customers with fewer resources and higher query volumes, now and into the future?

With in-store, face to face support currently inaccessible, contact centres are dealing with higher customer query volumes coming through telephony and email. As well as this, businesses across all sectors are experiencing higher website traffic, as more customers head online to research, shop and communicate. As such, many companies are already making use of live chat features on their websites, allowing customers to easily talk with advisors as they browse. This not only helps customers get faster answers to questions, but enables agents to speak with more customers in less time. Some businesses have seen as much as a 70% drop in chat abandonment rates since working with Talkative.

Since the launch of tighter social restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak, Talkative has seen a surge of interest in its live chat and video calling solutions, in order to maintain personal customer relationships and provide dedicated support. At the same time, the browser-based agent console without the need for desktop applications or downloads, allows agents to work from home easily, enabling contact centres to improve efficiencies despite remote working guidelines.

A need for greater levels of accessibility and virtual face-to-face contact has led to a surge in demand for video calling, particularly in sectors such as retail and healthcare. With unprecedented demands on healthcare and inability to conduct in person consultations, video calling allows patients to receive high calibre, one-on-one care remotely. In order to help healthcare organisations provide support to patients during this difficult time, Talkative is offering temporary free usage of the platform, as Talkative Managing Director Felix Winstone explains: 

“The Talkative product enables remote customer contact and homeworking staff. We've helped new customers from around the world to quickly launch virtual patient and customer contact, which is now essential in the current climate. We're supporting healthcare organisations with free usage of the platform and have already seen positive responses, with the solution currently being deployed to a large hospice among others.”

Likewise with retail brands, video calling lets customers experience the same level of personalised service they have come to expect in store, through the website. At the click of a button, agents are able to show customers products, book in private consultations and personal shopping services. By offering website contact channels such as web calling, live chat and video calling, huge opportunities have been created for online retailers to maximise digital sales, with current Talkative customers including a 20% increase in inbound sales calls and 20% conversion rate from chat to sale.

By implementing solutions such as these, not only are businesses able to deal with the challenging circumstances we currently find ourselves in, but also equip themselves to cope with a changed market once things settle back to normal. 

Social distancing across the globe has accelerated the use of channels such as video calling and live chat. Even before the outbreak these channels were gaining popularity at a fast rate, but now it seems highly likely that the impact of social distancing on the way customers will have long-term effects on the ways customers interact with businesses. 

As more people become used to using features such as chat, voice and video through a website, the expectations for companies to deliver will also increase. By joining together website journeys with telephony/contact centre environments, businesses can manage all customer interactions from the same place, improving efficiency and customer experience simultaneously, now and into the future.

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