Live Chat for Social Media Messaging

January 31, 2022
Be where your customers are: Integrate your live chat with your customers’ favourite socials.

All Talkative customers can now connect with customers via their favourite social messaging channels

This update allows businesses to integrate live chat with the following messaging apps:

As more people choose to use messaging apps to chat with friends and family, the trend is materialising in the world of business and customer relations too.

Customers want to connect with organisations on their preferred social channels. 

Talkative’s live chat for social media is the answer to this demand.

By integrating live chat with these popular apps and channels, all customer messages are sent to one unified inbox.

From there, contact centre agents can reply directly to each message in real-time, just like a website live chat interaction. 

Who is using the feature?

There are a wide variety of use cases for live chat for social media, including:

  • Remote sales
  • Customer service and support
  • Lead generation

How to use the feature?

This new social messaging feature ensures premium customer support exactly where customers are active.

It also offers additional live chat capabilities - including real-time translation, queue management, canned messages, and advanced analytics.

To further centralise all customer service and interactions, social messaging can also be integrated with leading CRM and contact centre solutions, such as Salesforce and Mitel. 

Getting started 

Need help getting started with Social Media Messaging? Get in touch with your Talkative account manager.

And for more on our latest updates, check out our most recent release notes.

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