Digital Travel Leads: The 8 Best Ways To Increase Travel Lead Generation

Yana Milcheva
July 18, 2022
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Yana Milcheva

Like most industries, the travel business is undergoing a digital transformation.

In 2019, travel was the 4th most popular type of service to be purchased online. Unfortunately, you can no longer just rely on leads walking into your local travel agency store. 

Chances are you already have a website (if you don’t, get one now!) but, to actually generate genuine travel leads, your website and online content needs to be getting seen.

It’s also a good idea to supplement your website with other forms of online lead generation

Let’s break down the top eight ways your travel company can get more digital leads!

 1. Website and mobile optimisation

Today, most consumers compare travel agencies and book their holidays online. This means that having a website is vital for generating travel agent leads. 

However, it’s not good enough to just have a website - your website needs to be optimised to provide the best user experience (UX).

That means fast loading times, a clear and visually appealing layout, good use of multimedia and, most importantly, ensuring it's all optimised for mobile viewing. 

A good example of a travel site optimised for UX is Virgin Atlantic.  The homepage engages visitors from the get-go with newest offers and promotions.

The website’s interface is consistent throughout, with clear call to actions to prompt a sale.

The ‘Search for flights’ and ‘Book’ pages have a clean design and are easy to navigate, which reduces the chance of customers abandoning their purchase.

The website is also optimised for mobile use, making it easier for customers to engage regardless of the device they are using.

Simply optimising your site for good UX in this way will help to generate more leads. 

Top tip: To ensure fast loading times, make sure all your images are compressed. If you’re still having problems, give ‘lazy loading’ a go. This ensures images don’t load until the user scrolls to them, keeping page loading times fast.

2. Calls and call back

Never underestimate the power of calls to generate travel agency leads. There’s a reason that 98% of travel companies take bookings over the phone.

In fact, in 2019 we found that 55% of travel agencies only accepted bookings via calls! 

Holiday bookings come with lots of questions and queries meaning you just can’t beat talking directly with a booking agent. 

A great way to increase the number of leads from your travel website is through web calling and offering a web call back

Both of these options make it easier for customers to call you - web calling by allowing customers to call you through your website, and callback by allowing them to talk to you at a time that is convenient. 

Placing a click-to-call button and a call back option on all website pages is a proven way to generate more travel leads.

Take Yellow Zebra Safaris as an example - after implementing Talkative's web calling and callback solutions, their inbound travel leads increased by 20%!

55% of travel companies only take bookings via calls

3. SEO

Perfecting your website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means you can generate more organic travel leads for free! 

SEO is all about helping potential customers find you when they conduct an internet search. You want to appear in search engine results when people search for things related to your business.

For example, imagine you are a travel agency that specialises in affordable all-inclusive holidays. A couple is looking for a reasonably priced, all-inclusive trip to Mexico for their summer holiday, so they type into Google ‘cheapest all-inclusive holidays in Mexico’.

If you’ve mastered SEO, your travel company will feature on the first Google search results page. Consequently, the couple clicks the link to your website.

And just like that, you’ve generated a lead for your travel company. 

SEO involves a number of different elements including keyword research, optimising titles and meta descriptions, and link building, as well as more technical aspects to ensure your website provides the best UX. 

If you're not familiar with SEO techniques, you might consider hiring an expert. However, anyone can learn how to do it well so don’t feel you have to make this investment if you can’t afford to!

There’s a ton of free SEO source material and courses available online. Check out this beginner’s guide to SEO to get the ball rolling!

4. Blogging

Blogging is the top form of content marketing and, if done well, is an inexpensive and super effective way of getting more leads for your travel agency. 

The purpose of a blog is to frequently produce fresh content that grows the awareness of your company and brings more potential customers to your website.

For travel agencies, the subject matter for blog posts is endless. But, be aware that there’s also high competition as there are many travel bloggers on the scene. 

The best way to have a successful blog is to make it niche and ensure it's directly related to your company.

For instance, if your travel agency specialises in trips to Asia, this should be reflected in your blog content. You'll want to be focussing on articles about locations in Asia, not South America or elsewhere.

SEO is a huge part of making a blog worthwhile - a blog without readers won't bring you any travel leads! 

5. Social media

Social media can be used in two ways to generate traffic and leads for travel agents.

Firstly, by building your own business profile on different platforms, you can boost brand visibility, increase customer engagement, and promote your content for free

If you utilise content marketing, especially blogging, sharing on social media is a must in order to get as many eyes on your blog posts as possible.

Sharing fresh content and curating content produced by others is a great way to grow brand awareness and bring potential travel leads from social media to your website. 

The second option is running paid social media adverts.

These are particularly effective for retargeting customers who have visited your website previously but have not converted. They’re also a good way to expand your audience. 

Creating a visually engaging advert is a great way to grab attention and direct potential customers to act in the way you want.

For example, your advert can prompt customers to visit your website, contact you, or sign up for email marketing - all of which generate more leads for travel! 

6. Live web chat

In an industry where calls seem to take dominance, you might think having web chat customer service is a bit redundant.

But in actual fact, live chat is a very cost-effective method of increasing lead generation for travel agents.

Live chat is a great way of initiating customer conversations. Through pop-ups and nudges, you can encourage potential leads to talk with an agent and answer any questions they have at any point of their customer journey

Not only does this help you capture more free leads online - it also enhances the digital customer experience.

Imagine a customer needs further information on an all-inclusive holiday. With live chat as an option, they can ask an adviser in real-time, without having to leave the webpage, and get their answer quickly.

The great thing about Talkative's live chat is that it can easily be connected to a phone system, such as Mitel.

This means that any chat interaction can be effortlessly escalated to a phone call, or even to a video chat, if needed. This allows you to provide a seamless customer experience which in itself helps to generate more travel leads. 

Travel agencies with web chat

7. Email marketing

Email marketing may seem old-school - but it's certainly worthwhile!

Not only is it a great way to get content in front of your audience, but emails can also be an effective call to action. 

For example, you could send a monthly email newsletter that lists your latest holiday deals. At the end of the email, you could feature a large icon that says ‘Book and Save Now’, or ‘Get a Quote Now’.

This can link customers to an online booking form or to a page on your website where they can contact your booking team. Either way, the email is producing digital travel leads for your business. 

Before starting any form of email marketing, you need to grow your client email database.

The best way to do this is to offer a lead magnet (i.e. a reward customers get by providing their email address), such as a downloadable travel brochure, access to destination videos, or a monthly newsletter containing the latest deals and vacation package options. 

8. Online referral and incentive schemes

Why not use your existing customers to generate more digital travel leads?

Online referral schemes are a good way of getting more customers without much work from your end.

They are especially effective for expensive or luxury services like holidays, as people are more likely to opt for a company that has been recommended to them by a friend or family member.

Giving existing customers an incentive to recommend you to friends and family, such as an online discount on their next holiday, is a good place to start.

You could even up the incentive by giving both parties (the existing customer and the customer they refer) a discount if the referred customer books online.

Offering discounts might sound scary, but an effective online referral scheme will save you money in marketing expenses, plus the extra leads should recoup your costs.

Think about the example above - you generated two travel leads from one online referral (one new customer plus a returning customer). 

If you really can’t afford to offer discounts, you can offer other online incentives for referrals, such as early booking on the latest deals, or guaranteed first-class flights.

This is your time to get creative! Remember - the better the incentive, the more travel leads you’ll get. 

To discover in practice how you can generate more travel leads with Talkative, book a demo with us today!

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