MiCC Enterprise and Talkative Integration

March 7, 2022
Update your contact center by launching video, voice, and chat in MiContact Center Enterprise.

Talkative’s integration with MiContact Center Enterprise means you can now reinvent the ways you offer customer service to your website's visitors.

No longer focussed on phone calls alone, you can deploy Talkative's omnichannel solution alongside your voice and email channels - all within one dashboard.

It means your agents can offer a faster and more personalized customer experience online.

At the same time, you can enjoy a simplified and intuitive queue routing system, powerful and contextual interaction logs, and a no-code widget builder that keeps your chat experiences fully on-brand.

Talkative's intelligent contact channels include:

  • Enhanced live chat - designed with an efficient and seamless customer experience in mind.
  • Video chat - a competitive differentiator which allows you to offer the most personalized support possible.
  • Cobrowse and screenshare - a powerful customer collaboration tool that helps you provide better support, faster.
  • Social media messaging - a way to meet your customers on their favorite channels, all in one dashboard. 
  • AI chatbots - a triage tool for automating your digital customer service and supporting your agents. 

Talkative & MiCC E: The key benefits

How can integrating with Talkative improve your contact center workflows and digital customer experience?

Let's break down the key advantages of integrating Talkative with MiContact Center Enterprise.

Seamless integration capabilities

With years of experience deploying Mitel contact center integrations, Talkative understands how to seamlessly connect the most intelligent contact channels with your current system.

Like our integration with MiContact Centre Business, Talkative can bring enhanced live chat, video, cobrowse, and more into Enterprise with agile deployment and low overheads - benefiting both you and your customers. 

Deploy dynamic agents and monitor real-time intelligence

Talkative allows your agents to deliver superior customer service, all within a single dashboard or application. 

At the same time, you can enjoy seamless agent management and unified reporting - all thanks to the MiCC Enterprise integration via the Open Media API. 

Powerful contextual views of the customer journey

With Talkative's interaction logs, your agents will always have access to the most important customer data.

In turn, they can identify returning customers, gain a strong overview of the customer journey, and be better placed to identify customers interested in purchasing your products or services.

In turn, they can identify returning customers, gain a strong overview of the customer journey, and be better placed to identify customers interested in purchasing your products or services.

Provide dedicated and convenient service over your customers' favorite channels

Customers looking for product support and sales assistance want more ways of getting in touch with your organization.

With Talkative, you can give them the contact options they need - from a smooth live chat experience to lightning-fast social media interactions. 

Meanwhile, your agents can handle all interactions in the same place, whether via your website, telephony systems, or email.

Create an on-brand experience, whatever the channel

Talkative's no-code chat widget builder is the most customisable designer available.

It allows you to create on-brand chat experiences, whatever the channels you offer.

What's more, thanks to the Talkative chat widget’s dynamic messaging capabilities, you can easily manage customer expectations to provide a frustration-free waiting experience on-site.

Whether you want to divert to an email interaction, trigger canned messages based on customer data, or simply update your customers on their place and time in the queue, Talkative can keep customer satisfaction at an all time high. 

Integration FAQs

Want to learn more or ask a specific question about integrating with Talkative? If your questions aren’t answered below, connect with us and book a demo!

How does Talkative's licensing work?

Talkative is licensed according to the concurrent amount of agents using the system. For more information, get in touch today or visit the Talkative Pricing page.

Does this integration provide two sets of reports?

With the Talkative and MiCC Enterprise integration, all interactions are reported within the Mitel system. It means your customers gain the benefit of smarter contact channels while you enjoy the same reporting suite you're most accustomed to.

Do I need to use all the Talkative channels at once?

Talkative is fully customisable and flexible around your needs. You can deploy one channel at a time, or the entire suite, enabling you to provide a more connected omnichannel experience.

Want to learn more about Talkative's solution and services?

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