Social Media Chatbots: Automate Your Social Media Channels

Chris Thomas
June 29, 2022
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Chris Thomas

Introducing Talkative's social media chatbot integration!

Be where your customers are

Talkative’s new social media integration enables you to deploy an AI chatbot across all of your customers' favourite messaging channels, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and more.

It means a more convenient online experience for your customers and more engagement for you - without any additional workload for your contact centre.

Build customer relationships with WhatsApp & SMS text messages

Another win for your customers' convenience: invite them to get in touch via their favourite devices and the world's most popular messaging apps.

With the ability to save WhatsApp or SMS details for a later date, your customers can engage with your organisation again and again. 

Stay on top of your social channels 24/7

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you can be sure that your organisation's digital touchpoints and your customers’ digital journey are fully connected.

In turn, your AI-powered chatbots can repeatedly provide more valuable information, promote brand loyalty, and instigate quicker purchases.

Save your team time with a virtual customer service agent

With the ability to recognise the intent behind your customers' most common queries, you can make sure your customer service reps are focussing on the customer conversations that really matter - both on your social media accounts and on your website.

You can even provide suggestions to reduce your customer interaction times, making your customers' chatbot interactions quick, fast, and easy.

Social media chatbots that know when to deflect

Talkative's social media chatbots can be trained to hand off to a real person when appropriate, thanks to social media live chat messaging.

Your social media customers are never going to be left with any unanswered queries. You’ll never miss out on the ability to generate leads or drive sales either.

Market over multiple social media platforms with minimum fuss

Leveraging customer service chatbots over social platforms like Facebook Messenger is one of the best ways to boost your digital marketing efforts.

Whether you deploy a fun and engaging chatbot personality or simply use them as a tool to drive conversions, social media bots allow you to combine conversational marketing and social media strategy.

Serve all your customers fast - regardless of language or country

Complete with instant automatic translation in +100 languages and editable translation glossaries, Talkative's multilingual chatbot and live chat can transform your social media channels - and your customer satisfaction levels.

No longer limited to engaging just your local customers, you can now reach more of your audience faster, without any additional work from your contact centre staff.

No code. Rapid deployment. Maximum personalisation

Talkative's social media chatbots can be developed and deployed without any coding knowledge, meaning you can start offering automated customer service over your social media feeds today.

You can even take a deep dive into how your chatbots speak and act, allowing you to meet your business goals faster. 

Need your chatbot to drive sales, increase lead generation, or simply act as a triage tool?

Whatever your needs, you can script it with ease. Your contact centre staff and IT facilitators will thank you.

Stay competitive with big brands - without huge overheads

Hundreds of organisations have already deployed chatbots over their social channels, providing their customers with instant answers to their most common questions.

At the same time, these organisations’ customer service teams are enjoying less workload, less complaints, and happier customers.

Turnaround times improve too: there are fewer live chat interactions and shorter queue wait times, all thanks to the deflection capabilities that social chatbots provide. 

So, if you're looking to increase engagement and make more happy customers, as well as better connect your organisations’ digital touchpoints with your contact centre, book a demo with Talkative today.

For Talkative customers, click here to learn more, or get in touch with your Talkative Account Manager.

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