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Automate customer interactions with Generative AI Chatbots

Talkative’s GenAI Chatbot is powered by the latest Large Language Model (LLM) technology.

This means it can answer customer queries with highly accurate and human-like responses.

You can easily train our GenAI bot using your own AI knowledge bases.

These are created by importing web page URLs or file-based content.

From there, the chatbot can learn from your knowledge base datasets.

With this information, it can answer countless questions about your business, products, and services. 

This allows the chatbot to act as an intelligent virtual assistant for your customers.

Our GenAI bot can also initiate seamless hand-offs to agents whenever necessary.

This means you can offer exceptional automated support and customer self-service…

Without stripping away the human touch.

You can even incorporate our genAI into a traditional “decision tree” chatbot design.

These hybrid bots combine the consistency of rule-based models with the intelligence and flexibility of AI.

It means you can capitalise on the unique benefits of each approach.

With GenAI automating support, your agents will have more capacity for complex tasks and high-value interactions.

Generative AI chatbot

Empower your support teams with AI Agent Copilot

Talkative’s AI Agent Copilot is a suite of AI tools for your customer-facing teams.

These tools are designed to improve the speed, accuracy, and quality of live chat support. 

They achieve this by empowering your support agents with real-time assistance during customer interactions.

Our AI Agent Copilot suite provides the following capabilities…

AI Agent Copilot Suite

1. AI Response Suggestions

AI Response Suggestions help agents answer queries during live chat conversations. 

It works by generating relevant response suggestions for each customer message. 

These suggestions are based on your knowledge base content and the interaction context.

Agents can either instantly send a response suggestion back to the customer or edit before sending.

2. Navi, your personal AI assistant

Navi is an internal-facing chatbot that gives agents instant information and support. 

Once set up, Navi can answer agent questions during customer interactions.

It does this using the interaction context and your knowledge bases.

Navi can also:

  • Suggest next actions to the agent,
  • Summarise the web page that the customer is currently viewing,
  • Utilise any general world knowledge available to the AI model.

This means agents will have all the information they might need at their fingertips.

As a result, Navi saves a lot of time by eliminating the need to search manually for answers.

3. AI Autocomplete

AI Autocomplete accelerates live chat response time and reduces manual typing.

It achieves this by predicting and completing agent messages as they type. 

This increases speed, boosts efficiency, and reduces the cognitive load on agents.

It also enables agents to focus more on customer needs.

Overall, our AI Agent Copilot tools not only help your agents perform optimally...

They also create a better CX through:

  • Faster responses
  • More efficient and streamlined support
  • AI-enhanced detail and accuracy

Accelerate response times with AI Message Rephrase

AI Rephrasing works by generating improved or revised versions of live chat messages.

This eliminates the need for agents to manually edit or proofread before sending.

Instead, the AI does all the work for them.

Agents can even select a preferred style for each AI rephrase from the following options:

  • Improved spelling/grammar
  • Longer (more detailed)
  • Shorter (more concise)
  • Friendlier/more informal language
  • Professional language/tone

The message rephrases can be added to the chat box with one click.

They can also be amended if needed before sending.

Powered by OpenAI, this feature boosts productivity by enabling agents to communicate more efficiently and effectively.

AI Message Rephrases

Improve agent performance with AI Training Simulations

Talkative's AI Agent Training Simulator automates and optimises staff training.

It works by allowing agents to engage in virtual simulations of customer interactions.

Once configured, the AI acts as a customer would in a specified scenario.

Then, the agent can interact with it as they would during a real-life live chat conversation.

This not only fast-tracks the process of onboarding new hires.

It also makes it far easier for existing agents to upskill or improve their performance.

AI Agent Training can be leveraged in a number of ways, for example:

  • New hire training: Onboard new agents by simulating common customer service interactions and situations they’re likely to encounter most often.
  • Product knowledge training: Train agents on product features, specifications, and troubleshooting processes by simulating complex product queries/issues.
  • Sales training: Provide sales reps with practice opportunities to engage with virtual leads, pitch products or services, and handle objections effectively.
  • Communication skills: Help agents improve their customer communication, empathy, and problem-solving skills by practising with AI in various scenarios.
  • Compliance training: Ensure agents understand and adhere to company policies, legal regulations, and industry standards by simulating compliance-related interactions.
  • Difficult conversations: Prepare agents to manage challenging or sensitive situations, such as handling rude customers or urgent complaints.
  • Performance monitoring: Leverage AI training as a tool for automated performance monitoring, where the simulations are used to evaluate and compare agent performance. 
  • Quality assurance: Use interaction simulations to test the effectiveness of other automated tools (e.g. AI Agent Copilot, canned messages, etc.) in a range of contexts.

With automated training, agents can experience customer service interactions before encountering them in the real world.

And, they can practise navigating countless situations in a controlled, risk-free environment.

It means your agents will be prepared to handle the full spectrum of customer conversations.

AI Agent Training

Easily review interactions with AI Transcripts

Reviewing customer voice and video calls can be extremely time-consuming.

Especially  if your only option is to watch or listen to a recording.

Talkative's AI Interaction Transcripts solve this problem.

This feature uses generative AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to convert recordings into a text-based format.

It means you can generate a highly accurate transcript for every web call and video chat.

These transcripts include: 

  • Language/dialect detection
  • A reader-friendly conversational format
  • Timestamps for every spoken utterance

When a transcript has been created, it appears within your Interaction Log. 

AI transcripts allow you to revisit any web/video call with ease, convenience, and clarity.

You can even search your transcripts for specific words and phrases.

This is a useful tool for quality assurance, monitoring, and analytics. 

Your interaction recordings can either be saved or automatically deleted post-transcription.

Either way, you get to decide what works best for you. 

interaction transcript

Save time and gain insights with AI Reporting & Analytics

AI excels at processing and analysing lots of information very quickly.

This means AI can automate analytics reporting for you.

As a result, you’ll gain better insights into productivity, efficiency, and overall performance.

Talkative customers achieve this with the following AI reporting/analytics features...

1. AI Insights Reports

Talkative's AI Insight Reporting helps you delve deeper into your interaction data.

This feature uses a powerful Large Language Model (LLM) to analyse interaction transcripts.

Then, it’ll generate a report that:

  • Outlines the top 10 issues raised by customers in the past week or month (depending on configured report frequency)
  • Provides an example interaction for each of the 10 issues
  • Highlights the customer queries that a chatbot could potentially resolve

This allows you to quickly identify the reasons driving customers to contact you.

You’ll also be able to answer the key question…

 “What customer service interactions can we automate with our chatbot?”

From there, you can easily add new conversation flows and training data to your chatbot’s architecture.

Overall, this report helps you reduce manual work, identify customer pain points, and make data-driven improvements to your chatbot performance.

AI Insights Report

2. AI Knowledge Gap Report

The AI Knowledge Gap Report offers key insights into your:

  • Chatbot performance
  • Knowledge base quality
  • Chatbot user experience

It works by generating a list of all the questions customers have raised with your chatbot.

The report also includes whether or not the bot was able to answer each question using your knowledge base. 

By analysing unsuccessful chatbot responses, you can pinpoint missing information.

This will help you effectively optimise and expand your knowledge base dataset.

As a result, the accuracy and performance of your chatbot will improve over time.

AI Knowledge Gap Report

3. AI Interaction Summaries

Analysing customer interactions can be a lengthy process. 

Talkative’s AI Transcripts already speed this up by allowing you to review all interactions in a text-based format.

But our AI Interaction Summaries make it even easier.

They achieve this by automatically condensing entire conversations into a few sentences. 

This allows your agents/supervisors to understand the content and outcome of any interaction at a glance. 

AI summaries can be generated for every live chat, web call, and video chat interaction.

These concise summaries can be viewed within your Interaction Logs.

AI Interaction Summaries

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